May 7, 2020

CeremonyCast Services

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Webcast Quality



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HD Quality


What is CeremonyCast Basic?

Our Basic package is the simplest option to webcast a ceremony, using a special webcasting camera purpose-designed for livestreaming.

The camera has a wide-angle lens which is able to capture a more panoramic view of the venue. It also enables us to zoom in on different areas of the shot so we can show close-ups as well as wide shots. (If you’re a techie, this is a digital zoom). We attach a pro-grade microphone to the camera to ensure good quality sound.

It’s a small and discreet camera on a tripod which is set up in a fixed position as close to the front of the ceremony as possible. It is controlled remotely by our operator. The video is reduced resolution, balancing clarity with the internet speed available on site.

Our CeremonyCast Basic webcasting camera

A plus of this setup is that the Basic package is completely portable, so we can use this kit in all locations. No power is needed. A limitation of the Basic package is we are unable to include any photo slideshows or videos shown during the ceremony in full screen. Also our Basic package does not include a secondary recording. If the webcast fails mid-broadcast for reasons outside of our control, we will endeavour to resume as soon as possible, but the intervening part of the ceremony will be missed.

Our CeremonyCast Basic Service

We’ll give you the address of the webpage where you can watch the webcast. Pass this to anyone who wishes to view. The video is designed to be watched live, but it will stay online as a recording for one month after the ceremony for people who missed the live webcast or for those who want to watch it again. You can also download a copy of the webcast if you wish, in its original quality.

What is CeremonyCast Plus?

Our Plus package is our most popular product. This is a sophisticated live webcast AND a fully-produced professional quality Memorial Video which you can download and keep.

Our CeremonyCast Plus service

The ceremony is filmed using two cameras and pro-audio sound, enabling us to capture every detail. We have a full range of multiple close up and wide shots available to us, all filmed in HD quality. At the heart of our professional broadcast kit is a vision mixer, which webcasts and records the ceremony at the same time, so a power connection is required. We can also add in titles and graphics to help viewers understand what is happening during the ceremony, and we can include all video elements like photo slideshows or tributes in full screen and in their original quality.

We film with care and compassion, operating as discreetly as possible.

Another example of CeremonyCast Plus

We’ll set up a dedicated webpage for your webcast with a password so you have greater control over who can access the stream. Pass these details to anyone who wishes to view.

The webpage will also include an Online Guestbook so viewers can leave messages of condolence if they wish. Our Operator will personally moderate all incoming comments as required. If you have an Order of Service, we’ll publish a PDF version on the page so viewers can download a copy.

When the webcast ends, we upload a high quality recording of the ceremony to the webpage. The video will stay online as a recording for one month after the ceremony for people who missed the live webcast or for those who want to watch it again. Any post-broadcast editing is included, as required, to really make it shine.

You can also download a HD copy of the webcast if you wish. In fact, experience has shown us that families often return to the video in the weeks and months after the ceremony and are able to take comfort from rewatching the tributes.

Stephen Lee - CeremonyCast Funeral Webcast Livestream Video Sydney

Webcast Technical Notes

Webcasts are broadcast in the best resolution we can achieve on site. We aim for 720p HD where possible.

The recording included in the CeremonyCast Plus package is 1080p HD.

Livestreaming is a balance between picture quality and the data speed available at the ceremony location, which can vary for reasons outside our control.

Viewing quality will also be affected by the internet connection at the viewer’s end.

Should it prove impossible to broadcast live, or if we lose our internet connection, a recording of the ceremony will be posted as soon as possible.

Photo Slideshows

CeremonyCast can also produce other video elements of the funeral ceremony.

We can create high-definition tribute slideshows containing photos, video clips and music for the reflection.

Basic photo retouching is included and we’ll source the music too. We’ll provide you with an online folder to upload all your photos so it’s super simple.

Our slideshow videos are fully compatible with all chapel, crematorium, funeral home and venue audio-visual systems.

Video and Audio Tributes

We can also produce tribute videos from family and friends to be played during the ceremony.

Contact us for more details.