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Wedding Live Streaming & Recording


The best way to be there… when you can’t be there

Professional live streaming and recording of your marriage ceremony

An example ceremony video from a Simple Ceremonies wedding

Wedding Live Streaming & Recording

Put your online guests at the heart of your wedding with CeremonyCast and Simple Ceremonies.

Our professional wedding live stream gives your viewers a front row seat. They can easily see, hear, experience and enjoy every single moment, no matter how, when or where they’re watching.


We use high-quality cameras to film your wedding ceremony for the best looking results


Professional microphone(s) make sure that everyone and everything can be heard clearly


We use solo camera operators with a small setup so we stay unobtrusive during your ceremony


Watch the ceremony live as it’s happening and be part of the moment from wherever you are


A recording of the ceremony stays online for a month so people can also watch at a later date


Easily watch our wedding live streams on any device without any need to download apps or software


All ceremonies are recorded in full so you can download the video as a treasured keepsake


Your private personalised streaming page also includes a guestbook for messages from online viewers


We’ll tell you the names of all the people who watched the ceremony both live and later


Got a question not answered here? Call us on 02 8325 1723

How do you film our ceremony?

Our crew is one person and one camera. We film in a continuous single shot style.

Is this Ceremony Video different to a traditional Wedding Video?

Your ceremony video captures every moment in full, as it happens, giving you a complete record, and allowing you to relive the whole experience. Traditional wedding videos go through an extensive post-production process where they are remixed and re-edited to look cinematic. We take a simpler approach to keep the fee lower and more affordable.

How do you get good sound?

Clear and clean audio is hugely important. It’s vital to be able to hear everything and everyone. We use pro-grade wireless microphones, placed in the best positions to capture every word. We give your Celebrant their own minature lapel mic to wear, and ask that one of you wears one too. Or we may be able to use a direct audio feed from your Celebrant’s PA.

How do we watch your live streams?

We create a private page on our website and send you the link, so you then pass it to everyone you’d like to watch. We understand not everyone is technically minded, so we keep everything as simple as possible. There’s no password, special software etc – you simply click through to the page and the live stream will play automatically on whatever device you are using.

Can we watch the live stream video later?

As soon as the live stream ends, the video becomes available as a recording. Experience shows us that while many watch live, other prefer to watch at a time which is more convenient to them.

Can viewers leave messages for us?

The live event includes a Guest Book where viewers can leave messages for you. Don’t forget to copy and keep them!

Service Agreement

Click here to read important information about your booking

By booking our service, you accept the terms of our Service Agreement. Please read it carefully as it contains important information that explains what you can expect from us.

  1. Booking
    (a) Bookings must be made via the Booking Form on our website. When you submit the form, your booking is deemed to have taken effect and these Terms and Conditions will apply. By engaging our service, you are considered to have formally agreed to these Terms.
  2. The Ceremony
    (a) The agreed date, time and location of the ceremony will be listed on your Booking Confirmation.
    (b) You agree to advise us of any changes to ceremony arrangements as soon as possible.
  3. The Service
    (a) We will provide the following:
    (i) A live broadcast of your ceremony hosted on our website
    (ii) A video recording of your marriage ceremony in full
    (b) The Ceremony Video Package is filmed by one camera operator and one camera.
    (c) Recorded Video is delivered in 1080P HD resolution.
    (d) While every effort is made to ensure all technical equipment works as required, we do not accept responsibility for any unforeseen malfunctions and the resulting loss of any technical service out of our control.
  4. Outdoor Ceremonies
    (a) Our technical equipment is not fully waterproof and you accept that we may not be able to provide our service if you decide to proceed with your wedding outside in severe wet or stormy weather.
    (b) Our technical equipment has a maximum operating temperature. Full sun can overheat the equipment and on very hot days we require cover (provided by us) or shade to minimise the chance of this happening.
    (c) The safety of our equipment and staff is paramount and we will make the final decision on what service is possible in weather-affected conditions.
    (d) As weather-related issues are outside of our control, no refunds will be issued.
  5. Unforeseen circumstances
    (a) Should we be unable to attend the ceremony due to illness, injury or other incapacity we will make every endeavour to minimise any disruption by giving you as much notice as possible and will endeavour to find an alternative staff member.
    (b) Should we be prevented from reaching your venue due to circumstances beyond our control including but not limited to bushfires, floods, road closures, accidents or breakdowns, we agree to give you as much notice as possible and work with you to find a possible solution.
    (c) We do not accept liability for cancellation and changes due to circumstances beyond reasonable control. Reasons include, but are not limited to, Extreme Weather, Acts of God, Government restrictions, epidemics, pandemics, insurrections or war.
    (d) If we are unable to perform our agreed service for any reason as described above, we do not accept responsibility for any associated or resulting costs that you may incur.
  6. Live Streaming
    (a) You will be given a link to view the live stream. You are responsible for passing these details to anyone who wishes to view the webcast.
    (b) Live streaming requires a solid internet connection. Network coverage and quality varies for reasons outside our control and we cannot guarantee what will be available at your location.
    (c) We provide our own high-speed mobile internet connection, but please also let us know if WiFi is available at the livestreaming location.
    (d) We’ll carry out site tests on arrival so we can stream using the best balance of stability and quality, according to the internet connection available at the ceremony location.
    (e)The speed of internet connections (particularly mobile ones) can fluctuate unexpectedly which may cause momentary skips, pauses, buffering or dropouts on the live stream. We do our best to avoid this, but we cannot accept responsibility for network issues outside of our control.
    (f) A recording is always made in addition to the live stream. Therefore if the stream is interrupted, we will replace the webcast with the backup recording as soon as possible so later viewings are not affected.
    (g) Each viewer’s own internet connection and the device they are watching on is also part of the equation. Any issues at the viewer’s end are out of our control.
    (h) The nature of live streaming means there is always the possibility that it may fail if the internet connection available is not good enough. If despite our best efforts we cannot reliably broadcast live, we will record the ceremony and post the video online as soon as possible. Network issues are outside of our control and all fees remain the same if we have to switch to the backup plan. Booking our service means you understand and accept this risk.
    (i) When the live stream ends, it will remain available to watch as a recording.
    (j) While every effort is made to ensure all technical equipment works as required, we do not accept responsibility for any unforeseen malfunctions and the resulting loss of any technical service out of our control.
    (k) We begin the live stream just before the ceremony start time and will stop the live stream a few moments after the conclusion of the ceremony.
  7. Fees, payment, rescheduling and cancellation
    (a) We will provide clear and full details of our fees and charges at all times.
    (b) Payment of our fee is required in full when you book. You’ll be emailed an invoice for payment. We accept Bank Transfer (at no cost) or Credit Card payments (subject to an at-cost processing fee). We do not accept cash, cheques or any other forms of payment.
    (c) Your booking is not confirmed until payment is received in full.
    (d) If you cancel your booking with 30 days notice or less, we’ll refund your fee minus a 50% Cancellation Charge.
    (e) If you cancel your booking with 7 days notice or less, or your ceremony does not go ahead as planned on the day, no refund is payable.
    (f) You may reschedule your booking if required. Any changes to your booking, including but not limited to, the date, time and location, are subject to availability and agreement. We reserve the right to charge a rescheduling fee.
  8. Data and Security
    (a) The personal information you provide to us is not disclosed to any other parties, organisations, departments or companies without your consent.
    (b) You have the right to access and view your data, and the right to be forgotten.
    (c) Your data is stored in an encrypted digital format on secure servers.
    (d) Your records are securely archived after the ceremony.
  9. Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright and Privacy
    (a) CeremonyCast retains its rights, ownership and copyright as the creator and producer of the recorded video. These rights are limited to making copies of the video, causing the video to be seen and heard in public, and to communicate the video to the public, such as on the internet, via an electronic file or on physical media.
    (b) We grant permission for you to view, download, copy and retain the live stream and video for personal use only. No commercial use is permitted without our consent.
    (c) You are responsible for organising and obtaining any necessary consents for filming at your event.
    (d) You are responsible for communicating to attendees that they may be shown on the video. Attendees are deemed to have given permission to be shown in the video unless we are informed otherwise. We try our best to comply with such requests, but it is not always possible that particular people can be excluded.
    (e) We use examples of our work on our website, in social media posts, blogs, and in other content. We are careful to select images or video clips that are appropriate. Videos may also be shared with potential clients as examples of the services we offer. By booking any of our services, you also grant permission for images and video to be used in this way. You may withhold this consent at any time by informing us in writing.
  10. Miscellaneous
    (a) CeremonyCast has a zero tolerance policy for disrespectful, aggressive, threatening or drunken behaviour. We expect you to provide a safe working environment for our staff and our equipment. If we feel the safety of our staff and/or the security of our equipment is compromised, we will stop filming and immediately withdraw. No refunds will be issued in such circumstances and our decision is final.
    (b) For all live streaming bookings, please read the main CeremonyCast Terms and Conditions which will also apply to your booking.
  11. Changes to this agreement
    (a) These Terms and Conditions may be periodically revised. The latest version of this agreement will always be made available on this website.

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