Can you live stream our wedding reception too?

    Yes we can!

    Receptions work differently to wedding ceremonies. At your ceremony, everything happens within a focused time frame in the same location, so it’s easy to live stream. We begin the stream shortly before it’s due to begin to capture guest arrivals, and finish a few minutes after the ceremony wraps up.

    Receptions unfold over several hours and have extended periods between formalities where not much happens. Therefore our focus at your reception is live streaming what many see as the most important part – the speeches. Traditional wedding videography only includes short extracts from the speeches; our webcast service captures every word.

    To give your online guests a more engaging and focused viewing experience, we start streaming just before the first speech and finish once the final speech has concluded. This avoids lengthy periods of inactivity during an extended meal service. Feedback and experience tells us that watching people wandering around or eating a meal for several hours is pretty dull!

    It’s also important to note that unlike a wedding videography team who can move around with their cameras, the practicalities of our streaming setup mean we are in a fixed position. This restricts what formalities we are able to webcast; for example sometimes the dance floor is in an adjacent room so we’re not able to show anything that happens there. (If you’re a drunken Dad dancer, maybe that’s for the best?!)

    So while other formalities are best captured by your photography and videography teams, we’ll work with you to identify any other possibilities once we have your reception run sheet. For example, if you’re cutting your cake in the same window as the speeches, we can webcast that too. Every reception plan is slightly different.

    And just like the ceremony, you can download and keep the reception video!

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