Can you provide other AV services?

    Yes – we have an Audio Visual package in addition to our livestreaming services.

    The AV producer is a second member of staff who looks after all the tech associated with the ceremony. This means setting up the projector and screen or TV, the mics, stands and speakers, the computer or laptop, ensuring everything connects together seamlessly, and then playing all the ceremony media on cue using professional presentation software.

    For funerals: the AV producer also does the pre-production in the lead up to the ceremony; sourcing and downloading the music, creating a holding slide for the venue screens, (sometimes) creating the photo tribute slideshow, and producing the recorded video tributes (these recorded videos arrive needing resizing, trimming, editing or audio adjustments in advance).

    For weddings: we can play any video messages on the big screen, or bring up a Zoom call for people to give live speeches, or just join in the fun from afar!

    If you book CeremonyCast for AV, our policy is to always use our own equipment, irrespective of what’s available at the venue. This is because we cannot give any confidence to the condition or working order of the kit that’s provided, and we also cannot guarantee to be able to troubleshoot problems with unfamiliar equipment. Our own setup has been tested to work in various different configurations and we can fix any issues immediately.

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