Do you film the coffin at a funeral?

    Yes – the coffin, casket (or urn) is one of the focal points of the ceremony so it’s important to people watching that it can be seen. Many of the coffins we see are beautifully crafted, made from all kinds of materials, and are often decorated with love and care.

    We make sure to show the flower arrangements on the coffin, and any photos and important symbols that are placed on the coffin as part of the ceremony. Close-up shots of the coffin are always filmed from a distance. We are careful to always film funeral ceremonies with care and consideration.

    There are some things that we do not film, unless specifically requested by the family in advance (we understand some of the following can be culturally important to show for some families):

    • We do not film the viewing before the ceremony starts
    • If there is an open coffin, we do not film the person inside
    • If the coffin remains open for some or part of the ceremony, viewers will see the lid has been removed but they won’t be able to see inside the coffin itself

    Importantly, we never show close-ups of people in grief or distress.

    The technical requirements of live streaming mean we work from a fixed setup and we are limited to filming what happens inside the venue or church. Therefore, we are not able to show the hearse arriving or leaving during the live stream, but if requested and conditions permit, we may be able to film this part and edit it to the webcast for later playback.

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