Do you use Zoom?

    We live stream to the CeremonyCast website via Vimeo, a professional video platform which is viewing only (it’s just like streaming Netflix or watching a YouTube video). Importantly, this gives us full control over all technical settings and aspects of the live stream and gives a superior and reliable viewing experience to everyone watching. When you’re streaming something important like a wedding or a funeral, there’s only one chance to get it right.

    Online meeting apps are great for easy video chat in a work or social environment but they’re not designed for professional event live streaming. These platforms are designed for simple online meetings, where video and audio quality is less important, and is automatically set at lower bitrates and resolutions. We’ve all sat through drop-outs, buffering and poor quality sound and vision as the app copes with more people joining the call and bandwidth gets stretched. Or someone can’t work out to turn their mic off which disrupts everyone’s enjoyment. Normally that doesn’t matter when you’re chatting with your mates. But important events are very different. Experience has also shown that for several reasons, online guests actually prefer to be a passive viewer rather than an active participant.

    We also avoid platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitch etc for similar reasons. These platforms use automated copyright matching algorithms which prevent the inclusion of music in a live stream. Your stream will be automatically muted or even terminated in such circumstances.