Do you use Zoom?

    It’s important to distinguish web streaming from video conferencing. They sound similar, but are quite different.

    Web streaming means services like YouTube, Netflix, ABC iView, any of the many channels you can watch on your streaming box at home or traditional TV. The video or program you’re watching is designed to be broadcast one-way, from one person to many.

    Video conferencing means services like FaceTime, Skype and Zoom. They enable two-way collaboration among a limited number of participants where it’s important those watching can be seen and heard – something that is not a feature of a wedding or funeral ceremony.

    The distinction also becomes very important when the number of participants or viewers scales to a large number, because video and audio quality suffers, buffering is introduced and people can drop off the call.

    For live streaming weddings and funerals

    We live stream to the CeremonyCast website via Vimeo, a professional video platform which is viewing only (it’s just like streaming Netflix or watching a YouTube video).

    This is really important because it gives us full control over all technical settings and aspects of the live stream and gives a superior and reliable viewing experience to everyone watching. When you’re streaming something important like a wedding or a funeral, there’s only one chance to get it right.

    It’s also important to keep everything as easy as possible because people watching range from tech whizzes to technophobes so with out setup, all you have to do is click a link. It doesn’t get any simpler than that!

    Other streaming platforms use automated copyright matching algorithms which prevent the inclusion of music in a live stream. The stream will be automatically muted or even terminated in such circumstances.

    Finally, experience has also shown that online guests prefer to be passive viewers, especially for funerals.

    For online wakes and reception events

    Online meeting apps are great for easy video chat, and an ideal choice once the formal event live stream is over.

    We use Zoom for post-event meet ups and chat, whether that’s for an online wake, or for joining in the wedding reception, which is the appropriate choice in these circumstances.