Why choose CeremonyCast?

    CeremonyCast was established to connect family and friends during important moments and milestones, wherever they are. We understand how important it is for those who can’t be there in person to still participate in such an important moment.

    Our aim is to offer professional live streaming and webcasting to as many families and couples as possible by keeping the right balance between service and affordability, As a small boutique company, we keep everything as simple and straightforward as possible.

    Our service is specifically designed for weddings and funerals. We have many years of niche experience in these particular areas. Stephen comes from a TV background, working in live broadcasting. He is also a Marriage and Funeral Celebrant, and has an intimate understanding of the unique requirements of both kinds of ceremonies. Jason is a professional wedding photographer and videography lecturer.

    We work as solo operators and film unobtrusively, working alongside the other professionals at your ceremony.

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