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Funeral Live Streaming & Recording Service


CeremonyCast is a professional, sophisticated and affordable funeral live streaming service also offering beautiful funeral photography, tribute slideshows and Audio-Visual support

Covering Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Wollongong, Blue Mountains & Southern Highlands

CeremonyCast is the best way to be there… when you can’t be there

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Professional Funeral Live Stream and Recording Services

Our highly-produced professional funeral live streams enable family and friends to unite from afar and say goodbye.

We create a beautiful shared experience for those who can’t be there in person, no matter how, when or where they’re watching.


We mix between different cameras, shots and angles to capture all the important details of the ceremony


Multiple professional microphones make sure that everyone and everything can be heard clearly


Our setup is small & unobtrusive and we film discreetly & respectfully with care & compassion


Watch the ceremony live as it’s happening, including any photo slideshows or tribute videos


A recording of the ceremony stays online for a month so people can also watch at a later date



All ceremonies are recorded so you can download and keep the video as a treasured tribute


Your private personalised streaming page also includes the Service Booklet and a guestbook for tributes


We’ll tell you the names of all the people who watched the ceremony both live and later

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CeremonyCast Reviews

Funeral Live Streaming in Sydney, Southern Highlands, Wollongong, Central Coast, Newcastle & The Hunter

I’d like to express my deepest gratitude for your outstanding work in capturing the essence of Dad’s funeral service. Your care and empathy throughout the event were deeply appreciated. You blended seamlessly into the background, never intruding on the intimacy of the occasion, while simultaneously being present to capture all the significant moments. On behalf of the entire family, I want to emphasise how your work has brought us comfort and solace, enabling us to revisit and cherish those moments whenever we feel the need to connect with Dad’s memory.


Thank you so much. I can’t praise your operations on the day highly enough. You did an outstanding job of the audio and video. Close friends who would have wanted to be there said that it was as though they actually were, and in some ways, it was even better than had they been present. I’ve heard anecdotal disaster stories of people trying to do it themselves with FaceTime or YouTube, so it is a very valuable service that your company offers. Beyond exceptional.


CeremonyCast provided a beautiful funeral live stream service for my grandfather. Even older relatives and family in Italy were able to view with ease. It took only one phone call and email exchange to book their services; the easiest and least stressful process I’ve ever dealt with. I would recommend CeremonyCast to everyone. At first I was unsure about needing a live stream, but in hindsight, I’m very glad we decided to have it. I am going to keep a copy so I can see and hear these memories again.

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Funeral Live Streaming by CeremonyCast

Professional live streaming creates a beautiful experience for family and friends to easily be part of such an important moment from afar. CeremonyCast understands how vital it is to put your online guests at the heart of the ceremony, offering a more sophisticated, polished and professional result than venue-hosted streaming.

Funeral live streaming in Sydney

Caring, considerate and discreet

Whether you’re outside in the park, indoors in a beautiful venue, holding the funeral ceremony in a chapel or crematorium, or having a church mass, we can stream from all locations with good internet access. Our setup is small and unobtrusive, and we film discreetly and respectfully with care and compassion. Families often tell us they hardly noticed we were present.

Professionally produced

We create beautiful and highly produced live stream videos, creatively filmed with skill, care and discretion. We mix between two cameras, using a variety of shots and angles to capture all the important details of the ceremony. Additionally, we use pro-grade microphones or a direct audio feed to ensure good quality sound. We use the latest live streaming technology, our own high-speed internet connections and a professional live streaming platform. There are no limits on the number of viewers. And all photo slideshows and video tributes are included in the live stream too. Our service offers more sophistication and a more professional result than using the built-in streaming options at many churches and venues.

Personalised page

We create a personalised private webpage to host each live stream video. We’ll send the link when you book, allowing you lots of time to invite guests. The page also contains an online guestbook so people watching can share their own memories and leave messages. We’ll publish the Order of Service, Mass Booklet or Memorial Card on the page for viewers to read and download. And if you’re asking for donations in memoriam, let us know so we can link to your fundraising page.

Watch live or later

You can watch the ceremony live as it’s happening, or you can watch later at your convenience. The ceremony is always recorded and it remains online for a month for later viewing. It’s also available to download and keep. And we’ll also give you the names of everyone who watched so you know exactly who joined you online.

Simple and straightforward

Our live streams can be watched on any device without the need for passwords or special software. We’ve designed our service to be as easy as possible, so nobody feels frustrated by technology.

Peace Of Mind

We’ve got you covered when it comes to avoiding DIY disasters. Don’t risk connection issues, bad picture and terrible sound by attempting your own streaming. Leaving it to the professionals avoids technical trauma at an already stressful time.

Experienced and trusted

CeremonyCast has been live streaming funerals since 2018. We are recommended by funeral directors, churches, and families alike and are proud to embrace our values of respect, reputation and reliability. We keep our service easy and simple and our fees competitive and affordable.

Funeral Live Streaming FAQ

What will people watching the live stream see?

Our aim is to ensure your online viewers feel at the heart of the ceremony no matter how, when or where they’re watching. We often hear from viewers that it feels just like being there in person.

We provide a professionally produced and vision mixed video. We are able to constantly mix between a variety of different camera angles and shots, clearly capturing all elements and detail of the ceremony.

We do our best to capture as much detail as we can in addition to the ceremony itself – such as the flowers, the setting, the faces of those attending, any photos or personal mementos etc. Elements such as photo slideshows and video tributes are included.

We film discreetly with care and compassion from a fixed position, ensuring we remain unobtrusive. Importantly, we try our best to avoid close-ups of people in grief or distress.

What’s on the personalised live streaming page?

On the page you can:

  • Watch the live stream (and recorded video after the event)
  • See the names of everyone who watched
  • Leave a message in the online guestbook
  • Read and download the ceremony booklet
  • Access help from our online assistant
  • Translate the page into different languages
Do you record the ceremony as well as live streaming it?

Yes we do, for every ceremony, in HD quality. And you can download the video recording after the event, to keep, at no extra charge.

A recording is also an essential backup in case of any streaming issues. While these issues are rare, any disappointment would be compounded further if there was no recording whatsoever of the ceremony.

The recording is immediately available to view when the live stream ends, so anyone who cannot watch the ceremony at the time can view at their convenience. The video stays online for one month.

The venue already has live streaming. Do we need you?

Some churches, chapels and venues offer free live streaming as part of your booking. While this may appeal on a cost basis, the CeremonyCast service offers much more sophistication and a much more polished and professional result.

Church options are usually automated services or operated by a volunteer, not a dedicated professional technical operator. And when things go wrong – and live streaming can be challenging – a free service you’re not paying for may not take priority when issues arise.

They are also much more basic than what we offer. Chapel webcasts are filmed by fixed cameras with minimal adjustment, rather like a security camera. The quality of both video and audio is not as clear as what our cameras can capture. Modern live streaming has quickly moved on to expectations of far better quality and higher production values. We’re able to offer a better-looking video with a far wider range of camera angles capturing ALL the details of the ceremony, better audio and an experienced and professional crew.

Privacy is another factor. Our funeral live stream service is totally private and bespoke, We also use a professional live streaming platform. Beware of live streams hosted on a public YouTube channel which can fall foul of automatic copyright restrictions when it comes to music.

Don’t forget, you’re also able to download and keep a copy of the video. And we add extra elements to our live streams such as an embedded Order of Service/Mass Booklet, and we’ll give you the names of everyone who watched.

How much does a funeral live stream cost?

Less than you may think. CeremonyCast aims to offer an affordable service which reflects our professionalism while not compromising on quality. We’re definitely a lot less than other funeral live streaming companies. Ask us for details of our latest fees.

Which areas do you cover?

We cover Sydney, Southern Highlands, Wollongong, Central Coast, Newcastle, The Hunter & The Blue Mountains.

We are the recommended live streaming company for some of the area’s leading venues and Funeral Directors and we have worked with all kinds of funeral directors, including WN Bull, Picaluna, Trevor Lee and Sons, Personal Farewells, Guardian, Simplicity, Allan Drew, Maurer Family Funerals, Wilson Family Funerals, Walter Carter and White Lady – and many more.

Why is a funeral live stream important to have?

Funeral live streaming has witnessed a surge in popularity in recent years, transforming the way we mourn and pay our respects to loved ones.

One key reason for the rise in popularity of funeral live streaming is the increasing geographical dispersion of families and friends. In today’s globalised world, loved ones often reside in different cities, states, or even countries. Attending a funeral in person can be challenging due to distance, travel constraints, or other commitments. A funeral live stream allows individuals who are unable to attend physically to participate in the funeral service virtually, bridging the gap and providing a means to express condolences and support from afar.

Moreover, funeral live streaming offers an opportunity to include individuals who may have physical limitations or health concerns that prevent them from attending in person. They can all still be part of the commemoration through the live stream. This inclusivity ensures that everyone who wishes to pay their respects can do so, regardless of their circumstances.

Additionally, funeral live streaming provides a level of privacy and intimacy. Not everyone may feel comfortable attending a funeral or memorial service in person due to personal reasons or emotional distress. Live streaming allows them to observe and participate from a more familiar and controlled environment, providing a sense of comfort and emotional support during a difficult time.

The COVID-19 pandemic played a significant role in the increased popularity of funeral live streaming. Health and safety restrictions limited the number of attendees at funeral services, making live streaming an essential tool to ensure that family and friends could still be part of the ceremony. It became a way to mourn collectively while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

In conclusion, the rising popularity of funeral live streaming can be attributed to its ability to overcome geographical barriers, inclusion of individuals with limitations, provision of privacy, and adaptability to changing circumstances such as the pandemic. Funeral live streaming has become a valuable tool for connecting and supporting grieving individuals, offering a sense of unity and solace during challenging times.

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Funeral Live Streaming Extras

CeremonyCast AV Setup Example - Funeral Live Streaming Sydney

Audio Visual Package

Let us look after your AV needs with our professional kit and staff member to make everything easy and seamless.

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Photo Montage Slideshows

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Giving Back

CeremonyCast is proud to support a range of Australian charities helping people through different life issues. We see at first-hand the inspiring work they do and we’re glad to give back by regularly donating. Choosing CeremonyCast means you too are directly helping these deserving causes.

NSW Guide Dogs

NSW Guide Dogs

This month we're supporting NSW Guide Dogs, in memory of Carolina, whose memorial ceremony we live streamed.