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What is CeremonyCast?

CeremonyCast uses the latest live streaming technology to bring family and friends together via a professionally produced funeral webcast.

Webcasts are now a common part of funeral ceremonies. Those who can’t be there in person can still be part of an important moment.

Often people are interstate, overseas, unable to travel or can’t make it to the ceremony. And with COVID-19 restrictions in place, guest numbers are capped for health and social distancing reasons.

Our webcasts can be viewed on any device without any need to download an app or software. They are optimised for viewing on portable devices, such as your phone or tablet. Any number of people can watch the live stream, wherever they are.

After broadcast, our webcasts stay online as a recording to watch later. Experience shows while many people view the live stream as it happens, many more also watch at a time that’s convenient and comfortable to them. And often people find comfort from being able to revisit a funeral ceremony and tributes at a later date.

A Funeral Webcast & Live Stream in Sydney by CeremonyCast is the closest thing possible to being there in person.

COVID Safe Business
Candles - CeremonyCast Funeral Webcast Livestream Video Sydney
A funeral webcast from Macquarie Park, Sydney.
A church funeral live stream from CeremonyCast Sydney.

Our Funeral Webcast and Live Stream Service

Connecting friends and family online

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The professional way to live stream a funeral ceremony

  • Live Webcast
  • Multiple camera angles
  • Pro Audio
  • Streamed via professional webcast platform
  • Private webcast page
  • Online guestbook
  • Webcast stays online to watch later
  • Funeral webcast can be downloaded afterwards to keep
  • Photo Slideshows, Video Tributes & Online Order of Service included

Are you organising a funeral that not everyone can attend? We can live stream the ceremony to your family and friends who can’t join you in person, bringing people together in tribute wherever they are.

Any location

Whether you’re outside in the park, indoors in a beautiful venue, holding the funeral ceremony in a chapel or crematorium, or having a church mass, we webcast from all locations.

Professionally produced

Capturing the ceremony from different camera angles means nobody misses a thing. Additionally we use pro-grade microphones or a direct audio feed to ensure good quality sound. And we broadcast using a professional webcasting platform to ensure the best possible quality. Our background in TV and broadcasting means our webcasts are sophisticated and fully-produced. During a funeral ceremony we film with care and compassion, operating as discreetly as possible. Because CeremonyCast webcasts are designed to be mobile friendly, they are easily viewed on phones, tablets and laptops without extra software.

Watch live or later

We’ll give you the address of the private webpage where people can watch your webcast, either in real time or at their convenience. So simply pass the link to anyone who wishes to view. Any number of people can watch wherever they are. We also open a real-time moderated guestbook. Afterwards your webcast stays online for a month so people can watch it later. It’s also available to download and keep.

Extra elements

Funeral ceremony elements like photo slideshows and video tributes are included. If you have an Order of Service, we publish a PDF version on the page so viewers can download a copy.

Tailored webcasts

Looking for something slightly different to our standard option? Tell us what you need and we can tailor our service to suit.

CeremonyCast - Catholic Church Mass Funeral Webcast Livestreaming Sydney
Funeral mass livestream in Concord.
Phone - CeremonyCast Funeral Webcast Livestream Video Sydney
Funeral webcasting from Royal Botanic Gardens, Sydney.
CeremonyCast - Macquarie Park Funeral Webcast Livestreaming Sydney
Graveside live stream from Macquarie Park Cemetery.
CeremonyCast - Garden Memorial Funeral Webcast Livestreaming Sydney
A live streamed memorial ceremony held at home.
We work with many churches

Weddings and other events

CeremonyCast can live stream all kinds of events. We also webcast weddings – click here for more details.

We have also webcast school graduations, panel discussions and company presentations.

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Important notes on live streams

The ability to webcast and the quality of the live stream is dependent on the internet connection or mobile data available at the ceremony location.

In the event that we encounter very poor or no coverage, we will record the ceremony instead and upload it as soon as possible.

We have a range of equipment available so we can choose the best setup depending on your ceremony location and what on-site facilities are available.

In order to avoid automated spam, messages in the Online Guestbook may be approved manually. Therefore there may be a short delay before they are published.

Because webcasts are filmed from a fixed position and picture quality is optimised for live online viewing, they should be considered as an addition to, and not instead of, a cinematic video shot by a videography team.

CeremonyCast - Freshwater Funeral Webcast Livestreaming Sydney
Funeral live streaming from Freshwater.
CeremonyCast - Catholic Mass Rose Bay Funeral Webcast Livestreaming Sydney
Preparing to live stream from Rose Bay, Sydney.
A graveside webcast from Castlebrook Memorial Park
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CeremonyCast Reviews

Rated 5 stars for our Funeral Webcast & Live Stream service in Sydney

Click here to read all our Google Reviews

CeremonyCast provided a unique, customised service to live stream our Dad’s funeral. Right from the start we felt confident they would deliver the service as expected. We had a slideshow and recorded eulogies from overseas which were seamlessly integrated. With the time pressure involved in having things ready for a funeral service, they were accommodating, flexible and responsive. I would recommend CeremonyCast to anyone wanting a hassle-free broadcast of their event or ceremony.


We wanted to celebrate the life of a very special cousin with our extended family and friends overseas and those local but unable to travel. Stephen gave as the assurance we needed during this difficult time; at no point were our discussions transactional which was important to me. Stephen was on site early, the broadcast went smoothly and the quality was excellent. Thank you for caring and doing exactly what you said you’d do. Very much appreciated.


Firstly, CeremonyCast strikes a good balance with a live camera operator onsite, direct streaming of photo presentations and easy-to-access recordings after the event, all for a reasonable cost. Secondly, Stephen was very respectful, pleasant to work with and produced a good quality result that was appreciated by our remote family and friends. Therefore I strongly recommend CeremonyCast.


Afterwards a close friend watching the funeral webcast from the UK told me that the way Stephen filmed the ceremony was spectacular. She honestly felt as if she was in the room. We cannot thank you enough.


Firstly, a very big thank you to Stephen for his time and professionalism with my father’s funeral webcast. We were impressed with the quality of the stream. Likewise feedback from watchers noted the same. Overall it was such an easy and seamless service and one less thing to worry about.

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Common questions and answers

A live webcast is an online video broadcast at a set time which you watch through your web browser, just like streaming a TV program or a movie.

Any number of people can watch, wherever they are. We’ll give you a special link to distribute to your online guests.

Our webcasts can be viewed on any device such as smartphones, tablets, desktop, laptops etc. They are optimised for viewing on portable devices, like your phone. You can also watch the webcast on your TV if you have Chromecast, Apple TV or similar hooked up (although the picture quality will change as the screen gets bigger).

You do not need to download an app or any software. Simply open up the webpage address we give you and the webcast will appear.

We can webcast from almost any location, inside or outside, using professional audio and video kit.

A livestream is dependant on a good internet connection. The ability to webcast and the quality of the stream is dependent on the internet connection or mobile data available at the ceremony location. Should we find there is very poor or no coverage, we will record the ceremony instead and upload it as soon as possible.

Yes. The webcast is broadcast live, but when the livestream ends, the video will be available as a recording to watch at your convenience.

Experience shows us that while many watch live, other prefer to watch at a time which is more convenient or comfortable to them.

By default, webcasts are online for one month, after which they automatically go offline. We can shorten or extend this time upon request.

No. We webcast using Vimeo, a professional livestreaming video platform which is viewing only (it’s very similar to watching a YouTube video).

We do not live stream via solutions such as Zoom or Skype where viewers can be seen or talk back, because the video and audio quality on these platforms is designed for online meetings and not professional webcasting to large numbers of people. There are also copyright restrictions on these platforms which prevent the inclusion of music in webcasts.

Webcasts are broadcast in the best resolution and quality we can achieve on site. In the vast majority of cases, the picture quality is excellent. We optimise our webcasts for viewing on portable devices, like tablets, phones and laptops as our analytics show us this is how most people watch.

Livestreaming is a balance between picture quality and the data speed available at the ceremony location, which can vary for reasons outside our control. So in areas of very poor connectivity, we will need to reduce quality to provide a reliable stream without pauses or buffering.

Yes. Should we arrive on site and find that we cannot webcast live, we will record the ceremony instead and post it online as soon as possible.

If the webcast fails mid-broadcast for reasons outside of our control, we will endeavour to resume as soon as possible. However the intervening part of the ceremony may be missed while we reconnect.

Live streams are also recorded as they are broadcast so in such circumstances, we can upload the recording of the ceremony for subsequent viewers.

Yes! Although we focus on funerals and weddings, we can also webcast other events too. Tell us your requirements and we’ll work out the best solution for you.

CeremonyCast was established to connect family and friends during important moments and milestones, combining a background in TV and media with experience in the funeral and wedding space.

Our aim is to offer professional live streaming and webcasting to as many families as possible by keeping the right balance between service and affordability,

Email us here or call 02 8325 1722.

Yes. If someone watching the live stream wants to participate in the webcast in real time – by perhaps giving a live tribute or by giving a reading – this is possible, with advance notice. They will be sent special and separate instructions on how to take part. We also request a pre-recorded version of their tribute as a backup.

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Funeral Webcast

Live Webcast

Multiple camera angles

Pro Audio

Private webcast page

Professional Webcast Platform

Webcast online for 1 month after live broadcast

Downloadable video

Funeral Slideshows & Video Tributes 

Online Order of Service

Online Guestbook

From  $880 inc GST

Additional information on fees

  • A travel fee will apply to locations further than 50km from Sydney CBD.
  • An extra fee applies to related second ceremonies (such as a graveside burial ceremony immediately after a funeral service).
  • For large or complex events where a technical rehearsal or advance on-site testing is required, an extra fee will apply.
  • We can also provide a quote for interactive webcasts (where a speaker joins the ceremony by live link to give a tribute) which is not part of the standard option.

Funeral Directors we work with

Picaluna Funerals

We are the preferred webcast and live stream provider for Picaluna Funerals. But we work with all funeral directors, including Personal Farewells, Guardian, Simplicity, Allen Drew, Wilson Family Funerals and White Lady – and many more.

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