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Wedding Live Streaming & Recording Service


CeremonyCast is the easy, professional and best way to live stream your wedding

Covering Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Wollongong, Blue Mountains & Southern Highlands

We’re the best way to be there… when you can’t be there

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Professional Wedding Live Stream and Recording Services

Put your online guests at the heart of your wedding with CeremonyCast

Our highly-produced professional wedding live stream gives your viewers a front row seat. They can easily see, hear, experience and enjoy every single moment, no matter how, when or where they’re watching.


We mix between different cameras, shots and angles to capture all the important details of the ceremony


Multiple professional microphones make sure that everyone and everything can be heard clearly


We use the latest live streaming technology with 5G internet connections and a full backup plan


Watch the ceremony live as it’s happening and be part of the moment from wherever you are


A recording of the ceremony stays online for a month so people can also watch at a later date


Easily watch our wedding live streams on any device without any need to download apps or software


All ceremonies are recorded so you can download the video as a treasured keepsake


Your private personalised streaming page also includes a guestbook for messages from online viewers


We’ll tell you the names of all the people who watched the ceremony both live and later

Wedding Live Stream Packages

CeremonyCast Wedding Webcast Live Streaming Sydney Silver

CeremonyCast Classic

  • Ceremony live stream
  • 1 static camera with single continuous shot
  • Single live stream producer
  • Pro audio from single microphone
  • Professional live streaming platform
  • Personalised private live streaming page with online guestbook
  • Page online for 1 month
  • Post-event online attendee list
  • High definition video download to keep
  • Suits elopements, micro & small weddings or if you need a live streaming add-on to another videographer
  • Available within Sydney metro area only
CeremonyCast Sydney Wedding Live Streaming Camera

CeremonyCast Plus

Our most popular wedding package

  • Ceremony live stream
  • 2 static cameras with multiple angles
  • Single live stream producer
  • Option for additional producer and mobile camera
  • Live vision mixing between different camera angles and a variety of changing shots
  • Polished and professional with higher production values
  • Pro audio from multiple microphones (Celebrant, Musicians etc)
  • Professional live streaming platform
  • Personalised private live streaming page with online guestbook
  • Page online for 1 month
  • Post-event online attendee list
  • High definition video download to keep
CeremonyCast Max Wedding Reception Webcast Live Streaming Sydney

CeremonyCast Max

Extra coverage and production

  • Ceremony and Reception live streams
  • 3 cameras (2 static, 1 mobile) with multiple angles
  • 2 live stream producers
  • Wider range of camera angles
  • Reception formalities included (speeches, first dance etc)
  • Live vision mixing between different camera angles and a variety of changing shots
  • Fully-produced and professional
  • Pro audio from multiple microphones (Celebrant, Musicians etc)
  • Any video or audio clips played directly into live stream
  • Longest streaming duration
  • Professional live streaming platform
  • Personalised private live streaming page with online guestbook
  • Page online for 1 month
  • Post-event online attendee list
  • High definition download of both videos to keep
CeremonyCast Logo - Wedding Live Streaming

CeremonyCast Reviews

Wedding Live Streaming in Sydney, Southern Highlands, Wollongong, Central Coast, Newcastle & The Hunter

Wow – what a wonderful service! We were blown away by the quality of the live stream. After pandemic years of dodgy zoom calls and meetings, this service is ANYTHING but. Do yourself a favour and book this service. Multiple camera angles, perfect audio – and completely unobtrusive. Best of all we have a copy of our ceremony to keep forever. This is a wonderful way to include family and friends from all over the world. Take the pressure off and hire a professional. It was 100% worth it and one of the best mementos of our day.


We engaged CeremonyCast to live stream our wedding and it was one of the best decisions we made. The communication was easy and timely, the process simple and the results outstanding! We’ve had so many people comment on how well done the production was (especially compared to some of the ‘homemade’ ones they’ve seen from hand-held smart phones – there is simply no comparison). Logging on was super easy and many people were able to leave messages. A fantastic experience and brilliant product – highly recommend CeremonyCast, they do great work!


We chose CeremonyCast to live stream our wedding ceremony and Stephen did a fabulous job. He arrived with sufficient time to set up, was great company to have around (to ease the groom’s nerves) and everyone who was able to attend did not even notice he was there. The quality of the recording was great and the sound crystal clear. All our overseas and interstate family and friends were very happy with the live stream and felt included. Finally, it’s great that the live stream can be downloaded as it makes a great wedding video!

CeremonyCast Logo - Wedding Live Streaming

Wedding Live Streaming Service by CeremonyCast

All locations

You could be outside on the beach or in the garden, indoors in a church or chapel, or having your ceremony at home. However, wherever and whenever you’re getting married, we can stream from all locations with good internet coverage. We use the latest 5G technology for the best connections.

Professionally produced

We create beautiful and highly produced live stream videos, creatively filmed with skill, care and professionalism. Our producers capture every element of your wedding so nobody misses a thing. We vision mix your ceremony live; cutting between multiple cameras and a variety of different shots. Additionally we use pro-grade microphones or a direct audio feed to ensure good quality sound. We use the latest live streaming technology, our own high-speed internet connections and a professional live streaming platform.

Personalised streaming page

We create a personalised private webpage for your wedding. We’ll send you the link when you book, allowing you lots of time to send out your online invitations. The page also contains a guestbook so people watching your wedding can leave you messages. In addition to telling you how many people were online, we’ll also give you a list of their names so you know exactly who watched.

Watch live or later

You can watch the ceremony live as it’s happening, or you can watch later at your convenience. The ceremony is always recorded and it remains online for a month for later viewing. It’s also available to download and keep so it doubles as a wedding video too!

A wedding live stream setup in Port Stephens near Newcastle

Perfect packages

We have a service to suit you, whatever the size and shape of your wedding. CeremonyCast Classic is our popular choice, helping you to share that milestone moment with family and friends, wherever they are. Our Plus package adds a second camera operator with a wireless roaming camera so your virtual guests really feel they’re at the centre of the action.

And if you choose our CeremonyCast Max package, we will live stream your reception too! We’ll capture the memorable and entertaining highlights and formalities. And we show the speeches in full, so nobody misses a word! You’ll get our most extensive coverage and longest streaming duration. We keep our service easy and simple and our fees competitive and affordable. Also having a copy of the live stream to keep means it doubles up as a wedding video too!

Trusted team

CeremonyCast has been live streaming weddings since 2018. We’re trusted as the recommended live streaming supplier by some of Sydney’s leading wedding venues and planners. And we keep our fees competitive and affordable.

Why CeremonyCast?

We come from a variety of backgrounds including national TV and radio broadcasting in the UK and Australia, professional wedding photography and videography and Marriage Celebrancy. Our skills, knowledge and know-how all combine in a unique way to offer you a professional and caring service.

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Wedding Live Stream FAQ

What will people watching the live stream see?

Our aim is to ensure your online viewers feel at the heart of the ceremony no matter how, when or where they’re watching. We often hear from viewers that it feels just like being there in person.

We provide a professionally produced and vision mixed video. We are able to constantly mix between a variety of different camera angles and shots, clearly capturing all elements and detail of the ceremony.

We do our best to capture as much detail as we can in addition to the ceremony itself – such as the flowers, the setting, the faces of those attending – all the small details that mean a lot.

What’s on the personalised live streaming page?

On the page you can:

  • Watch the live stream (and recorded video after the event)
  • See the names of everyone who watched
  • Leave a message in the online guestbook
  • Access help from our online assistant
  • Translate the page into different languages
Do you record the ceremony as well as live streaming it?

Yes we do, for every ceremony, in HD quality. And you can download the video recording after the event, to keep, at no extra charge.

A recording is also an essential backup in case of any streaming issues. While these issues are rare, any disappointment would be compounded further if there was no recording whatsoever of the ceremony.

The recording is immediately available to view when the live stream ends, so anyone who cannot watch the ceremony at the time can view at their convenience. The video stays online for one month.

The venue already has live streaming. Do we need you?

Some churches, chapels and venues offer free live streaming as part of your booking. While this may appeal on a cost basis, the CeremonyCast service offers much more sophistication and a much more polished and professional result.

Church options are usually automated services or operated by a volunteer, not a dedicated professional technical operator. And when things go wrong – and live streaming can be challenging – a free service you’re not paying for may not take priority when issues arise.

They are also much more basic than what we offer. Chapel webcasts are filmed by fixed cameras with minimal adjustment, rather like a security camera. The quality of both video and audio is not as clear as what our cameras can capture. Modern live streaming has quickly moved on to expectations of far better quality and higher production values. We’re able to offer a better-looking video with a far wider range of camera angles capturing ALL the details of the ceremony, better audio and an experienced and professional crew.

Privacy is another factor. Our funeral live stream service is totally private and bespoke, We also use a professional live streaming platform. Beware of live streams hosted on a public YouTube channel which can fall foul of automatic copyright restrictions when it comes to music.

Don’t forget, you’re also able to download and keep a copy of the video. And we add extra elements to our live streams such as an embedded Order of Service/Mass Booklet, and we’ll give you the names of everyone who watched.

How much does a wedding live stream cost?

Less than you may think. CeremonyCast aims to offer an affordable service which reflects our professionalism while not compromising on quality. We’re definitely a lot less than other wedding live streaming companies. Ask us for details of our latest fees.

Why has live streaming become an important part of a wedding?

Wedding live streaming has gained immense popularity, transforming the way people celebrate and share their special day.

Firstly, wedding live streaming offers a convenient solution for couples and their loved ones who are unable to attend the ceremony in person. Distance, travel restrictions, health concerns, and other logistical challenges can limit the number of guests who can physically be present. However, with live streaming, couples can include a virtual audience, allowing family members, friends, and even acquaintances from around the world to witness the event in real-time. This enables a greater sense of inclusivity and allows the couple to share their joyous occasion with a larger audience.

Additionally, wedding live streaming provides an opportunity to preserve memories and create lasting mementos. Couples can capture high-quality video footage of their wedding ceremony, ensuring that every heartfelt moment and exchange of vows is documented. The live stream can be recorded and saved for future viewing, allowing the couple and their loved ones to relive the joyous occasion and cherish the memories for years to come.

Moreover, advancements in technology have made wedding live streaming more accessible and user-friendly. With the widespread availability of high-speed internet connections, and various streaming platforms, many streaming services offer user-friendly interfaces and customisable features, allowing couples to personalise their virtual wedding experience.

Lastly, the COVID-19 pandemic played a significant role in the surge of wedding live streaming’s popularity. With restrictions on gatherings and social distancing measures in place, many couples turned to virtual alternatives to ensure their loved ones could still be a part of their special day. Live streaming provided a safe and secure way to connect and celebrate, even when physical gatherings were limited.

Overall, wedding live streaming has become popular due to its ability to overcome geographical barriers, its ability to capture and preserve memories, advancements in technology, and its adaptability during challenging times. As technology continues to advance and society embraces digital connectivity, it is likely that wedding live streaming will remain a popular choice for couples looking to share their joyous moments with a wider audience.

CeremonyCast Logo - Wedding Live Streaming

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