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5 top tips for great wedding photos

    As a wedding guest, you have a unique opportunity to capture candid and heartfelt moments during the celebration. Whether you’re using a smartphone or a dedicated camera, here are some tips to help you take great wedding photos.

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    Be Respectful

    The first thing to remember is to check the couple’s wishes on guest photography. Many weddings are “Unplugged Weddings” which means guests should be in the moment and not take photos.

    If you’re permitted to take photos, observe unobtrusively. Blend in with the crowd and avoid disrupting the ceremony. Turn off your phone’s camera sounds and notifications to avoid distractions.

    And most important of all – respect the professional photographer’s space. Or they may even be a dedicated Wedding Content Creator. The couple are paying for professionals to work their magic and you’ll soon become the most unpopular wedding guest if you get in the way.

    Capture Emotions

    Look for genuine emotions such as laughter, tears, and hugs. These moments tell the real story and make for really great wedding photos. Candid photos rather than posed ones are excellent for this. Candid moments unfold organically. Be patient and wait for the right instant. Rushing can lead to missed opportunities. Remember, it’s about quality over quantity.

    Eye for detail

    As always, it’s the little details that speak volumes. Photograph rings, bouquets, and other small details. These add depth to the wedding narrative.

    Composition Tips

    Have you heard of the Rule of Thirds?  Mentally divide your frame into thirds and position key elements along these lines. Use pathways, fences, or architecture to guide the viewer’s eye.  Capture reflections or perfectly aligned compositions. Avoid your flash and use natural light whenever you can. Flash can be harsh and disrupt the mood. If possible, take photos during the “Golden Hour”, which is an hour before sunset. The soft, warm light is super flattering.

    Shoot from the Hip – literally! Hold your camera at waist level and take shots without raising it to your eye. This technique allows you to capture candid moments without drawing attention to yourself.

    Pay attention to interactions, emotions, and fleeting expressions. Anticipate when genuine moments might occur. Keep your eyes open and ready to click when something special happens.

    Couple Portraits

    The couple getting married want to look the best on their wedding day. Pick the most flattering angles and try shooting from slightly above. Photograph the couple walking, dancing, or embracing friends and family. Movement works well in a photo. Photograph guests chatting, laughing, and sharing stories.

    Enjoy the Moment

    While taking great wedding photos, also immerse yourself in the celebration. Be present and enjoy the love in the air. After all, the couple has invited you there to enjoy your company and presence, and not to be on duty as a wedding photographer.

    Conclusion: How to take great wedding photos as a guest

    Remember, as a guest, your photos contribute to the couple’s cherished memories. Be respectful, observant, and ready to capture those beautiful moments.

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