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Event Live Streaming & Recording Service

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Elevate your event with Watch It Live by CeremonyCast

The professional, engaging and affordable event live streaming service for everyone

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Expert Event Live Streaming

Watch It Live by CeremonyCast uses the latest event live streaming technology to put your online participants at the heart of your event, however, wherever and whenever they’re watching. Elevate your event beyond a simple Zoom call or Teams Meeting and save yourself the technical headaches with a professional presentation.

Live streaming maximises the impact of your event, making it more accessible, engaging, and memorable. And you gain extra value from the video by repurposing the recording for promotions, highlight reels, and social media content.

Watch It Live by CeremonyCast is the best choice for SMBs, organisations, groups, charities, NFPs, schools and individuals across Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Wollongong, Blue Mountains and Southern Highlands. It’s easy, affordable and effective.


Multi-camera coverage and optional roaming camera(s) capture all the important details


Multiple professional microphones make sure that everyone and everything can be heard clearly


We use the latest live streaming technology with 5G internet connections and a full backup plan


Watch the event live as it’s happening from wherever you are – it’s so simple and easy


A recording of the event can stay online for a set period so people can also watch at a later date


Involve your online audience with real-time chat and bring in live online guests as required


All events are also recorded so you can download and keep the video plus slice and dice for socials

Impressive Integrations

We can provide a bespoke web page, stream to your site and integrate with ticketing platforms


Who, where and when – we can provide a list of everyone who registered to watch for follow-ups

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Watch It Live Event Live Streaming

Your event live stream dream team

Watch It Live is the event live streaming arm of CeremonyCast. We come from a variety of backgrounds including national TV and radio broadcasting in the UK and Australia, professional photography and videography and event planning.

Our skills, knowledge and know-how all combine in a unique way to offer you a professional and high-quality service.

Event Live Streaming in Sydney

Watch It Live Event Live Streaming

Easy and professional event live streaming

Event live streaming for small business, NFPs and organisations

Our event live streaming service is designed with the particular needs of smaller organisations in mind, keeping everything easy, straightforward and importantly, within budget. With a professionally produced live stream, you can promote your brand, connect with customers old and new, and raise your profile.

Live streaming for conferences and meetings

Invite guests to watch or participate in your conference or meeting from wherever they are. You can watch the event live as it’s happening, or you can watch the recording later. Our live streams can be viewed on any device without any need to download an app or software. And there are no limits on how many people can watch.

Panel discussions, Q&A and hybrid events

Whether you’re planning a panel discussion, product launch or business meeting, talk to us about how we can add live streaming into your plans. We can bring live guests or speakers into the stream, creating an interactive hybrid event for your attendees. And we keep our fees competitive and affordable.

School graduations live online

Watch It Live works regularly with schools for graduations and prize giving ceremonies. Our highly produced and professional live streams give parents and family a front row seat so they can see, hear, experience and enjoy every single moment. We understand how crucial it is for those who can’t be there in person to still participate in important milestones.

Event live streaming metrics and bespoke branding

We can implement viewer registrations to capture names and emails so you can follow-up post event or add to your marketing databases. Afterwards we can give you a detailed breakdown of your event analytics. We’ll set up your event live streaming page in your style and branding, following through to bespoke graphics and on-screen elements during the live stream. Each page comes with technical help for your viewers. Or keep it all in-house on your own website, and we’ll provide a video embed code for your tech team.

AV setup and production

Need help at your venue with AV? Ask us about our AV package. We can help with displays, PA systems, mics, music and other kinds of event production.

Your experienced and trusted live streaming team

Your production is expertly managed by a talented and trusted team led by Stephen Lee, a live broadcast specialist bringing a wealth of senior experience from national and international television networks including SBS, BBC, ITV and Channel 10. We can live stream your event in Sydney, Southern Highlands, Wollongong, the Central Coast, Newcastle and The Hunter.

Why has event live streaming become so popular?

Event Live Streaming has experienced a meteoric rise in popularity over the past few years, revolutionising the way we consume and engage with content. In the digital age, live streaming and recording of events have revolutionised the way we consume media and experience live happenings. This transformation is driven by several factors, from technological advancements to changes in consumer expectations.

Accessibility and Reach

Live streaming allows events to be broadcasted in real-time over the internet, making them accessible to a global audience. This level of accessibility is crucial for inclusivity, enabling people to participate in or view events they otherwise could not due to geographical or physical limitations. Events like international conferences, sports, concerts, and even personal milestones such as weddings are now available for anyone to attend virtually.

Engagement and Interactivity

Streaming platforms offer tools that allow viewers to interact with each other and the host. Features like live chats, polls, and Q&A sessions make these events more engaging and interactive. This interactivity enhances the viewer’s experience by making it more dynamic and personalised. For instance, during a live music performance, fans can request songs or ask questions directly to the artists, creating a more intimate and memorable experience.

Marketing and Monetisation

For businesses and creators, live streaming offers an excellent opportunity to strengthen brand visibility and engage directly with their target audience. The real-time nature of live streaming can generate a sense of urgency and exclusivity, encouraging more immediate viewer responses in terms of participation and sales. Additionally, recorded events can be repurposed into various content formats such as highlights, trailers, or educational material, providing an ongoing value long after the event has ended.


Compared to traditional event hosting, live streaming can be more cost-effective. It cuts down on the need for physical venues, travel, accommodation, and other logistics. This reduction in overhead costs makes it feasible for many organisations and individuals to host events that they might not have been able to otherwise. It also allows for a wider variety of events since the barrier to entry is significantly lower.

Real-Time Feedback and Analytics

Live streaming platforms often provide immediate feedback through analytics and viewer interactions, which can be invaluable for event organisers and performers. They can gauge viewer numbers, engagement patterns, and overall reception in real time, allowing them to adjust their content and strategies promptly. This instant feedback loop can help improve future events and tailor content more closely to audience preferences.


The importance of live streaming and recording events cannot be overstated in today’s digital landscape. These technologies not only democratise access to content but also enhance interactivity, expand reach, and provide significant opportunities for monetisation and marketing. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect these tools to become even more integrated into our daily lives, shaping how we connect, learn, and entertain ourselves in an increasingly digital world.

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