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Are you having a problem watching one of our live streams? In the rare event we experience issues with one of our streams, our systems will alert us to the problem and we will work to resolve it ASAP. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Issues arising at the viewer’s end are outside of our control but here are some troubleshooting tips which may help you. You can also ask our AI Assistant for immediate help, or you can contact us via the form below.

Live Streaming FAQs

I can’t find the livestream I’m looking for

You’ll need to request the link to the livestream in advance from the family or Funeral Director for funerals, or from the couple for weddings. Our livestreams are private pages and for privacy reasons, we do not publicly list current live streams or give out the links via email or phone.

I see the message “This event hasn’t started yet”

Please wait – the live stream is not yet online. The video will begin automatically as soon as we go live.

I can’t see any video at all

The video should appear at the top of our live streaming pages like this:

Missing Video

If there is a blank space where the video should be, it is likely that your internet provider has blocked our service.

Live streaming video may be blocked or restricted in some countries. China, for example, blocks all non-domestic video sites through their Great Firewall.

Likewise the internet connection or network you are connected to may also block streaming video. Some public WiFi connections, or WiFi on board cruise ships, airplanes or similar settings have limited bandwidth available. While services like FaceTime or WhatsApp may be allowed, streaming video consumes much more bandwidth and so may be blocked by default, or you may need to switch to an upgraded package.

Possible solution: change to a different internet connection or check with your internet provider. Blocked connections at the viewer’s end are outside of our control. If you are prevented from accessing our service, please alert us on the form below and we will endeavour to provide you with a recording of the ceremony or event as soon as possible via an alternative platform or by download link.

Do you have a test page?

Yes. We provide a test page which we recommend you check in advance of the live stream date which may indicate any potential issues in advance.

I see the message “Live stream offline”

This message appears if the live stream stops after we have started broadcasting. You’ll see this temporarily in rare cases when we need to briefly pause and then restart the stream to make changes.

You’ll also see this message if we lose the internet connection at the venue, or if the internet speed drops below the required speed for streaming video. We do our best to avoid this happening but internet connections are out of our control.

Possible solution: Wait for the stream to resume automatically, or refresh the page to reload the livestream. If we can’t get back online, a recording of the ceremony will be posted to the page as soon as possible. Please check back later.

The video has frozen and/or I see a spinning circle

This is buffering and it happens when your own internet connection is too slow to reliably stream video. Or your device may not be powerful enough or experiencing issues. Buffering is frustrating, but usually temporary, and the video will restart automatically.

Possible solution: Switch to a different WiFi network or connection, and/or restart your device.

How do I refresh or reload the livestreaming page?

Look for an icon at the top of the page similar to this:


Refreshing or reloading the webpage will often rectify your issue.

The video is small

You can switch to full screen mode by clicking on the square icon to the bottom right of the video.

I can’t hear any sound

Check the volume on your device is turned up.
Check your computer audio is being routed to the correct output (eg speakers not headphones) and check any audio cables are securely inserted.
Make sure the browser tab you’re using isn’t muted.
Move your mouse pointer over the video and check if a “CLICK HERE TO UNMUTE” button appears.

I missed the live event but want to watch the recording

Press the play button (the triangle icon on the bottom left of the video).

AI Assistant

A cartoon image of a helpdesk assistant with a laptop

CeremonyCast Charlie

Meet Charlie, our friendly AI helpdesk assistant. Charlie is available 24/7 to answer your technical questions.

Helpdesk AI

Another question? Refresh the page to ask Charlie a new question, or scroll down the page for some common questions and answers.

Still having issues?

Please complete the form below and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

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