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Terms and Conditions

The CeremonyCast Service Agreement

By booking our service, you accept the terms of our Service Agreement. Please read it carefully as it contains important information. It explains what you can expect from CeremonyCast, and what you are required to provide as part of your booking.

  1. Booking
    (a) Bookings must be made via the Booking Form on our website. When you submit the form, your booking is deemed to have taken effect and these Terms and Conditions will apply. For bookings via a Funeral Director (either verbally or in written form), these Terms and Conditions apply from when we are commissioned by, or on behalf of, the client. By engaging our service, you are considered to have formally agreed to these Terms.
  2. The Ceremony or Event
    (a) The agreed date, time and location of the ceremony or event will be listed on your Booking Confirmation.
    (b) You agree to advise us of any changes to ceremony or event arrangements as soon as possible. Any changes to your booking, including but not limited to, the date, time and location, are subject to availability and agreement. We reserve the right to charge a rescheduling fee.
  3. Service Overview
    (a) You will be given a private website address to view the live stream and recorded video. The page is not linked from our public web pages or indexed on search engines. You are responsible for passing the link to anyone who wishes to view the live stream and recorded video. For privacy, and to ensure you stay in control of invitations, we do not provide links via email, text, phone etc if contacted.
    (b) A recording is always made in addition to the live stream. Therefore if the stream is interrupted, we will replace the webcast with the backup recording as soon as possible so later viewings are not affected.
    (c) When the live stream ends, it will remain available to watch online and to download offline for one month after the ceremony or event. After this time, the streaming page and the video will be deleted from our servers.
    (d) Viewer Registration (Name only) and an Online Guestbook (Name and Email Address) will be opened on your event page as appropriate. Messages may be moderated by our staff. If you wish to save these details, you are responsible for copying the attendee list and any messages before the page goes offline.
    (e) We begin the live stream a few moments before the scheduled start time and will stop the live stream a few moments after the conclusion of the ceremony or event. Any extra time outside of that window must be discussed and agreed with us in advance.
    (f) We ideally require access to your venue a minimum of one hour before ceremony or event start time for technical set-up and checks. Please advise us if is this is not possible so we may make other arrangements.
    (h) An extra charge will apply for bump-ins requested more than 1 hour before the ceremony start time.
    (h) Please discuss any specific filming requests with us in advance.
    (i) All live streams can be downloaded by the Client up to one month after the event. Digital downloads are provided at no extra charge. We do not supply any files on physical media.
    (j) Live stream events may contain themes or language which some viewers may find challenging, confronting or offensive. The nature of live streaming means such issues may arise unexpectedly and without warning. Viewer discretion is advised. We do not accept responsibility for the content of the event live streams that we facilitate. Issues of this nature must be directed to the Event Organiser.
  4. CeremonyCast Classic, Plus and Max Wedding Service
    (a) The CeremonyCast Classic wedding package is available within the Sydney metro area only.
    (b) For the CeremonyCast Max package, if your reception includes a dancefloor with a DJ/band/etc, we do not live stream or record once the dancefloor opens to guests. This is for the safety of your guests, to protect our equipment, and to avoid licencing restrictions on the streaming of commercial copyrighted music.
    (c) If you are booking the CeremonyCast Max package, we require a supplier meal to be provided for each staff member working on your reception.
    (d) For the CeremonyCast Max package, we will create an agreed schedule in advance for the reception coverage when we receive your event run sheet. Significant changes to this schedule once the event has begun may not be possible.
    (e) Our live streaming packages are designed to include enough time to cover the entire ceremony in the vast majority of cases. If your ceremony exceeds the allotted time window, a discretionary extra fee may apply, charged per hour in 1 hour blocks. The maximum streaming allowances are as follows: CeremonyCast Classic 1 hour, CeremonyCast Plus 2 hours, CeremonyCast Max 4 hours.
    (f) The CeremonyCast Classic package is filmed by one camera operator using one static camera. CeremonyCast Plus package is filmed by one camera operator using two static cameras. The CeremonyCast Max package is filmed by two camera operators using two static cameras and one mobile camera.
  5. CeremonyCast Funeral and Memorial Service
    (a) Funerals and memorials are filmed by one camera operator using two static cameras.
    (b) We will endeavour to include footage filmed outside the venue at the start and end of the live stream as appropriate (for example, people arriving, the setting, the hearse, a farewell Guard of Honour). These shots may be included in the live stream if technically possible, or may be edited to the recorded video afterwards for later viewing. Please note that the live stream always takes priority, so any additional filming is at the discretion of the Producer.
    (c)If there is a viewing before the ceremony, this is not part of the live stream unless you specifically request for it to be shown. Please inform us if so.
    (d) A maximum of 2 hours of live streaming is included. If your ceremony exceeds the allotted time window, a discretionary extra fee may apply, charged per hour in 1 hour blocks.
  6. Slideshows, AV Package and Video Production
    (a) Our photo slideshow service includes up to 2 hours of production work. Further work such as changes and re-edit requests will be charged at an hourly rate, charged in one hour intervals.
    (b) The exact content and cost of our AV package will be confirmed upon booking according to your individual requirements. Set up, pack down and operation is by a member of our staff. We do not provide self-hire.
    (c) Videos, music and other media files uploaded to us for inclusion in the live stream must be complete and in the formats we specify. Production work to convert, edit, produce or otherwise make these files ready for use may be charged at an hourly rate, charged in one hour intervals.
    (d) Should you book our AV Package but ask us to operate any AV equipment supplied by or installed at the venue rather than using our own, this is at your own risk. We cannot guarantee that equipment will function correctly, and we do not accept responsibility for any failure or malfunction of the venue equipment.
  7. Outdoor Ceremonies
    (a) Our technical equipment required for live streaming is not fully waterproof and you accept that live streaming is not possible in the rain without adequate cover. We strongly advise you to have an alternative indoor location for use in such circumstances.
    (b) If we are unable to live stream because of wet weather, we will alert you and your viewers, and deploy our backup service. This means we will record the ceremony using one camera and upload the video as soon as possible. All fees remain the same.
    (b) The safety of our equipment and staff is paramount and we will make the final decision on what service is possible in weather-affected conditions.
    (c) If you change location due to bad weather, you agree to give us as much notice as possible as we require adequate time for technical set up. Last minute changes (with less than 2 hour’s notice) means our service cannot be guaranteed.
    (d) Our technical equipment has a maximum operating temperature. Streaming outside in the sun can overheat the equipment and we require cover or shade to minimise the chance of this happening.
    (e) If no cover for wet or sunny weather is provided, you accept that we will erect our own shade umbrella to protect our staff and equipment. This is non-negotiable.
    (e) As weather-related issues are outside of our control, no refunds will be issued.
  8. Internet Connections
    (a) Live streaming requires a solid internet connection at the ceremony or event location. Network coverage and quality varies for reasons outside our control and we cannot guarantee what will be available at your location.
    (b) We provide our own high-speed mobile internet connection, but please also let us know if WiFi is available at the live streaming location.
    (c)The speed of internet connections (particularly mobile ones) can fluctuate unexpectedly which may cause momentary skips, pauses, buffering or dropouts on the live stream. We do our best to avoid this, but we cannot accept responsibility for network issues outside of our control.
    (d) A recording is always made in addition to the live stream. Therefore if the stream is interrupted, we will replace the stream with the backup recording as soon as possible so later viewings are not affected.
    (e) The nature of live streaming means there is always the possibility that it may fail if the internet connection available at the ceremony or event location is not good enough. If despite our best efforts we cannot reliably broadcast live, we will alert you and your viewers. We will then post a recording of your ceremony or event on your page as soon as possible.
    (f) Each viewer’s own internet connection and the device they are watching on may affect the ability to view our service. Live streaming video may be blocked or restricted in some countries (for example, China’s Great Firewall does not permit video from overseas). Likewise the internet connection or network you are connected to may also block or restrict video, or it may be too slow or unreliable to support streaming video (for example, WiFi connections on planes and cruise ships may allow video calls but at the same time may also restrict streaming video services due to limited bandwidth). This is outside our control and therefore we are not liable or responsible for any such issues at the viewer’s end. We provide a test page ( which we recommend you check in advance of the live stream date which may indicate any potential issues in advance. If you are prevented from accessing our service, please alert us and we will endeavour to provide you with a recording of the ceremony or event as soon as possible via an alternative platform or by download link.
    (g) Booking our service means you understand and accept these risks.
  9. Unforeseen circumstances
    (a) Should we be unable to attend the ceremony due to illness, injury or other incapacity we will make every endeavour to minimise any disruption by giving you as much notice as possible and will endeavour to find an alternative staff member, or in extreme cases, an alternative webcasting provider for you.
    (b) Should we be prevented from reaching your venue due to circumstances beyond our control including but not limited to bushfires, floods, road closures, accidents or breakdowns, we agree to give you as much notice as possible and work with you to find a possible solution.
    (c) We do not accept liability for cancellation and changes due to circumstances beyond reasonable control. Reasons include, but are not limited to, Extreme Weather, Acts of God, Government restrictions, epidemics, pandemics, insurrections or war.
    (d) If we are unable to perform our agreed service for any reason, we do not accept responsibility for any associated or resulting costs that you may incur.
  10. Service limitations
    (a) While we aim to capture as many aspects of a ceremony or event as we can, there may be elements we cannot show in the live stream for practical and/or technical reasons (for example, something happening in another room or in a different part of the venue outside the range of our cameras). Please speak with us in advance if there may be a requirement for extra crews or cameras.
    (b) If you book us to cover the graveside ceremony, this will generally be recorded and then immediately uploaded to the live streaming page with minimal delay. This is because the exact start time of burial ceremonies is often unpredictable, plus time is often too tight between the end of the church ceremony and the start of the graveside ceremony to reset the streaming equipment.
    (c) Live streaming outside in bad weather may not be possible. See the section “Outdoor Ceremonies” for details.
    (d) Live streaming is dependent on a stable internet connection on-site with adequate upload speeds. Viewers’ own internet connections may also affect their ability to view. Network connections are out of our control and we are not liable or responsible for any such issues . Please see the section “Internet Connections” for details.
    (e) While every effort is made to ensure all technical equipment works as required, we do not accept responsibility for any unforeseen malfunctions and the resulting loss of any technical service out of our control.
  11. Funeral and Memorial Photography
    (a) The photographer is present for 1.5 hours at the ceremony and 1.5 hours at the wake.
    (b) Attendance at the burial service is not included in our standard package but can be added at extra cost. Please discuss your needs with us when booking.
    (c) A private online gallery will be curated with 7 to 10 days and a link sent to the family for viewing, sharing, downloading and printing.
    (d) You can expect around 250 photos.
    (e) Some moments may be presented in black and white at the artistic discretion of the photographer.
  12. Drone Use
    (a) Drones can only be flown in certain areas under certain circumstances. Please check with us before you book so we can advise on what is possible at your location.
    (b) Complying with flying, safety and privacy regulations is paramount and our Drone Pilot will not operate outside of those rules. The Pilot’s decisions are final and non-negotiable.
    (c) Adverse weather conditions can affect our ability to fly. Our Drone Pilot will advise you on the day if the weather will prevent take-off. Should we be unable to fly, we will instead provide a substitute service of additional camera coverage from outside the venue at ground level. As weather conditions are outside of our control, no refunds will be issued.
  13. Fees, payment, rescheduling and cancellation
    (a) We will provide clear and full details of our fees and charges at all times.
    (b) For funerals, our invoice will be issued alongside your booking confirmation and is payable in full in advance before the ceremony date unless we advise you otherwise. If booked via a Funeral Director, we will invoice the FD directly in arrears.
    (c) For funerals, if you cancel your booking with less then 24 hours notice, a 50% Cancellation Fee will be billed.
    (d) For weddings or other events, a booking fee is payable at the time of booking to secure our services. The booking fee is non-refundable and is deducted from your total fee. The balance of your fee is payable 30 days before your ceremony date. If your ceremony is taking place in less than 30 days’ time, the full amount is payable upon booking.
    (e) For weddings booking the CeremonyCast Max package, if your ceremony and reception are in different venues, a Multi-Location fee will apply to cover the extra set up and travel requirement.
    (f) Fees are payable within 7 days of the date of issue on your invoice.
    (g) Payments can be made by Bank Transfer, PayID or by credit/debit card. Card payments are subject to an at-cost processing fee. No other forms of payment are accepted.
    (h) You may reschedule your booking at no extra charge, subject to our availability.
    (i) If you cancel this agreement with more than 30 days notice, there is no cancellation fee. If you cancel this agreement with less than 30 days notice, any refund of monies already paid will be at our discretion.
    (j) If edits are requested to the live stream video after the event which require post-production, an editing fee will apply, charged in units of 1 hour.
    (k) An additional fee will apply for events where a technical rehearsal or advance on-site testing is required or requested.
    (l) An additional fee will apply to locations which require extra travel and time for our live stream producers.
  14. Data and Security
    (a) The personal information you provide to us is not disclosed to any other parties, organisations, departments or companies without your consent.
    (b) You have the right to access and view your data, and the right to be forgotten.
    (c) Your data is stored in an encrypted digital format on secure servers.
    (d) Your records are securely archived after the ceremony.
  15. Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright and Privacy
    (a) CeremonyCast retains its rights, ownership and copyright as the creator and producer of the live stream and recorded video. These rights are limited to making copies of the video, causing the video to be seen and heard in public, and to communicate the video to the public, such as on the internet, via an electronic file or on physical media.
    (b) We grant permission for the Client to view, download and retain one copy of the live stream and video for personal use only. No commercial or other use is permitted without our written consent, which must be obtained in advance. Unauthorised use of our footage may be subject to an Unauthorised Use fee.
    (c) As the event organiser, you are responsible for complying with any copyright regulations such as music, written works and performances, including obtaining or holding any required licences.
    (c) You are responsible for organising and obtaining any necessary consents for filming at your event.
    (d) You are responsible for communicating to attendees that they may be shown on the live stream and video. Attendees are deemed to have given permission to be shown in the live stream and video unless we are informed otherwise. We try our best to comply with such requests, but it is not always possible that particular people can be excluded.
    (e) We film as unobtrusively as possible so we will set up in an area which satisfies our technical requirements while also providing a clear view without imposing on the ceremony or event. When filming funerals and memorials, we aim to carefully select shots that show the elements of the ceremony clearly, including the people present, without becoming intrusive (for example, we do not show close ups of people clearly in grief or distress). If you have any particular requests for how a ceremony is filmed, please brief us in advance so we can discuss options with you.
    (f) We use examples of our work on our website, in social media posts, blogs, and in other content. We are careful to select images or video clips that are appropriate, respectful and thoughtful. Live streams, extracts of live streams and/or videos and/or photographs may be shared as examples of the services we offer. By booking any of our services, you grant permission for images and video to be used in this way. You may withhold this consent at any time by informing us in writing.
  16. Miscellaneous
    (a) CeremonyCast has a zero tolerance policy for disrespectful, aggressive, threatening or drunken behaviour. We expect you to provide a safe working environment for our staff and our equipment. If we feel the safety of our staff and/or the security of our equipment is compromised, we will stop streaming and/or recording and immediately withdraw from the venue. No refunds will be issued in such circumstances and our decision is final.