Terms and Conditions

Thank you for booking a CeremonyCast webcast.

These are the Terms and Conditions you accept when making your booking. Please read them carefully as they contain important information.

  1. Booking
    (a) CeremonyCast is a service owned and operated by Flat Rock Media.
    (b) You are required to confirm your booking made via email or verbally by completing the Booking Form online. When you submit the form, your booking is deemed to have taken effect and these Terms and Conditions will apply.
  2. The Ceremony
    (a) You must inform us of the date, time and location of the ceremony, plus any other details that we deem are relevant.
    (b) You agree to advise us of any changes to ceremony arrangements as soon as possible. Any changes to your booking, including but not limited to, the date, time and location, are subject to availability and agreement. We reserve the right to charge a rescheduling fee.
    (c) We will arrive at your venue in good time before the ceremony start time stated on your Booking Form.
  3. The Webcast
    (a) You will be given a website address to view the webcast. You are responsible for passing these details to anyone who wishes to view the webcast.
    (b) We will also provide a backup URL in case the original URL is not accessible.
    (c) Webcasts are broadcast in the best resolution we can achieve on site. Livestreaming is a balance between picture quality and the data speed available at the ceremony location, which can vary for reasons outside our control. Viewing quality may also be affected by the internet connection at the viewer’s end.
    (d) If the video feed is interrupted and we need to restart the webcast, the new video will be posted to the webpage as soon as possible.
    (e) If when we arrive on site we establish that it will be impossible to broadcast live, we will record the ceremony instead and post it online as soon as possible. There will be no change to the agreed fee in such circumstances.
    (f) If the webcast fails mid-broadcast for reasons outside of our control, we will endeavour to resume as soon as possible, but the intervening part of the ceremony may be missed.
    (g) A backup recording will be made in addition to the live stream. Therefore if the stream is interrupted, we will replace the webcast with the backup recording as soon as possible so later viewings are not affected.
    (h) When the webcast ends, it will remain available to watch for one month after the ceremony. This period can be shortened or lengthened by request.
    (i) While every effort is made to ensure all technical equipment works as required, we do not accept responsibility for any unforeseen malfunctions and the resulting loss of any technical service out of our control.
    (j) Comments left by viewers in the Online Guestbook (if applicable) may be moderated before publication by our staff to avoid automated spam.

  4. Outdoor Ceremonies
    (a) Live streaming for ceremonies and events held outdoors is dependent on the weather. If it is wet, raining or very hot, we will consult with you on how best to proceed in order to protect our staff and equipment.
    (b) We may decide that a more basic webcasting setup, which is more resilient to adverse weather, may be appropriate in order to maintain service. There will be no change to the fee if so.
    (b) If we advise you the weather conditions are unsuitable for the provision of live streaming and we cannot proceed, and you decide to continue with your outdoor ceremony as planned, you are deemed to have cancelled this agreement. No refund will be issued.
    (c) We require access to a power point. If power is unavailable on site, please advise us prior to your event so we may discuss options.
  5. Unforeseen circumstances and cancellation
    (a) If you cancel this agreement after you have made your booking either in a written or verbal form, we reserve the right to charge a Cancellation Fee to cover any work already undertaken.
    (b) If we cancel this agreement, any refund of monies already paid will be at our discretion. A Cancellation Fee may apply to cover work already undertaken.
    (c) Should we be unable to attend the ceremony due to illness, injury or other incapacity we will make every endeavour to minimise any disruption by giving you as much notice as possible and will endeavour to find an alternative webcasting provider for you.
    (d) Should we be prevented from reaching your venue due to circumstances beyond our control including but not limited to bushfires, floods, road closures, accidents or breakdowns, we agree to give you as much notice as possible and work with you to find a possible solution.
    (e) We do not accept liability for cancellation and changes due to circumstances beyond reasonable control. Reasons include, but are not limited to, Extreme Weather, Acts of God, Government restrictions, epidemics, pandemics, insurrections or war.
    (f) If we are unable to perform our agreed service for any reason, we do not accept responsibility for any associated or resulting costs that you may incur.
    (g) You may postpone your booking at no extra charge, subject to our availability.
  6. Fees and payment
    (a) We will provide full details of fees and charges upon request.
    (b) A travel fee will apply to locations further than 50km from Sydney CBD.
    (c) For large or complex events where a technical rehearsal or advance on-site testing is required, an extra fee will apply.
    (f) For funerals, you will be invoiced for the service fee and any other associated agreed costs or fees after the funeral ceremony has taken place.
    (g) For weddings or Other Events, a non-refundable booking fee is payable at time of booking.
    (h) The balance of outstanding fees is payable within 7 days of the date of issue on the invoice.
    (h) Payments can be made by Bank Transfer or PayPal for Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards. Card payments are subject to an at-cost processing fee. No other forms of payment are accepted.
  7. Data and Security
    (a) The personal information you provide to us is not disclosed to any other parties, organisations, departments or companies without your consent.
    (b) You have the right to access and view your data, and the right to be forgotten.
    (c) Your data is stored in an encrypted digital format on secure servers.
    (d) Your records are securely archived after the ceremony.
  8. Privacy Policy
    (a) We will always seek your explicit approval before any clearly identifiable personal details of the ceremony including photographs and video feature in any social media posts, in blogs, on my website or in other content produced by CeremonyCast. You agree that general or personally unidentifiable elements may be shared.
    (b) You agree that extracts of your webcast may be shared privately with potential clients looking to book our streaming services as an example of what to expect.
    (c) You can withdraw your agreement at any time by notifying us in writing.

  9. Intellectual Property Rights and Copyright
    (a) CeremonyCast and Flat Rock Media retains any and all intellectual rights and copyright in all work commissioned for your ceremony.
    (b) We grant permission for you to view, download, copy and distribute the ceremony webcast and video as you require.
    (c) Any other work or any portion thereof may not be reproduced, used in any manner whatsoever, or shared with any third parties without the express written permission of the publisher.

  10. Changes to this agreement
    (a) These Terms and Conditions may be periodically revised. The latest version of this agreement will always be made available on the CeremonyCast website. We will advise you of any changes which may affect your existing booking.