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A nervous groom at a wedding thinking how to calm wedding nerves

How to calm wedding nerves 

    Weddings are a joyous occasion, a celebration of love and commitment. However, it’s not uncommon for those about to tie the knot to experience a whirlwind of emotions, including anxiety and nerves.

    AFDA listing

    Australian Funeral Directors Association

      CeremonyCast is proud to have been welcomed as an affiliate member of the Australian Funeral Directors’ Association. We are pleased to be part of an organisation which recognises the great work of many funeral directors across the country.

      Best Modern Wedding Gifts

      Best Modern Wedding Gifts

        The best modern wedding gifts have evolved from traditional household items to unique, memorable offerings that reflect the couple’s tastes and interests. Here’s a guide to selecting a modern wedding gift that stands out.

        A funeral Order of Service or Mass Booklet

        The Order of Service Booklet

          When attending a funeral, one of the key elements you’ll notice is the ‘Order of Service’ or Mass Booklet. This small but significant pamphlet serves multiple purposes, both practical and sentimental, during and after the funeral service.

          Drones at Funerals

          Drones at Funerals

            Australians love their drones. In fact, there are more drones being flown above backyards, parks, and beaches than ever before. And now we’re even seeing drones at funerals.

            A newly married couple's first dance on a smoky dance floor with pyrotechnics

            Choosing the best First Dance

              Your wedding first dance is a chance to celebrate your love, your joy, and your commitment to each other. Here’s how to choose the best dance!

              Funerals Hymns - a singer and a pianist

              Choosing Funeral Hymns

                Music at a funeral serves as a powerful and meaningful medium for emotional expression, honouring the deceased, and fostering a sense of unity and healing. So how do you choose the right music?

                A Wedding Content Creator taking a phone photo

                The rise of the Wedding Content Creator

                  Social media platforms are where you’ll find thousands of weddings documented with selfies, snaps and video clips. Couples now look beyond the conventional wedding albums and videos, which has given rise to a new breed of creative professional – the Wedding Content Creator.

                  A woman puts her arm around her son during a funeral ceremony

                  Taking Photos at Funerals

                    Funeral photography is a sensitive and challenging skill that requires respect, empathy, and professionalism. CeremonyCast’s Funeral photography can help families preserve the memories of their loved ones, celebrate their lives, and cope with their grief.

                    Dancing at Wedding

                    What’s the best music for weddings?

                      Music is an integral part of any celebration. But what’s the best music for weddings? We’re seeing a diverse collection of popular wedding songs and musical trends that encapsulate the spirit of love, joy, and celebration.