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10 Important Dos and Don’ts

    So you need to choose funeral live streaming but don’t know where to begin? Don’t worry – we have 10 expert tips to explain the vital Dos and Don’ts. Read our clear and common-sense advice to make the task easy and straightforward.

    A camera filming at a funeral to illustrate the Dos and Don'ts of live streaming

    Do your research

    Funeral live streaming truly landed in the COVID pandemic. It’s since gone on to become an important fixture of many modern ceremonies. Consequently, a number of companies have sprung up offering this service, and as in every industry, there’s a range of experience, skill, price and service on offer. Find the one that suits your needs, budget and expectations the best.

    Do ask questions

    Comparing funeral live streaming can be confusing – we get it. So please ask lots of questions! We’re always very happy to explain in detail what goes into our service and how we set our fees. We also understand that not everyone is super techy and so there’s never a silly question to ask. Also – ask to see examples of previous live streams so you can see the quality of work and the style they use.

    Do read reviews from previous families

    Reviews are a great way to check reputation. People who received great service want to let everyone know. Equally they’ll soon report back on bad service. So go on Google and see what others have said.

    Do ask for a recommendation

    Word of mouth from someone you know is always the best recommendation. Has someone you know recently used funeral live streaming? Ask them who they booked. Or perhaps you’ve watched a funeral live stream yourself. If it was good, find out who provided it. If it wasn’t so good, find out who provided it so you can avoid booking them. Funeral Directors will also be able to offer some suggestions as they will have their own recommended live streaming suppliers who they trust and use regularly. They only use companies who they know are good.

    Do check the websites

    First impressions count so make sure you look at the website of each funeral live streaming company you’re considering. It’s their shop window and an online service should have an outstanding online presence. Is the website easy to navigate? Is it clear and straightforward? Does it explain everything you need to know? If the website isn’t great, chances are the live stream won’t be that good either.

    Two cameras set up by a graveside ready to live stream a burial ceremony

    Don’t choose cost over value

    As the saying goes, price is what you pay. Value is what you get. When comparing live streaming services, find out what corners are being cut or what’s being left out to keep the price lower. There will be some subtle – and not so subtle – differences in what companies are offering. While cost is an important factor, you overlook value at your peril. As Benjamin Franklin famously said, “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

    We also find that families often come to appreciate the extra value in their live streaming service once the ceremony is over. Here’s what we heard from someone recently: “I was hesitant at first about live streaming but am so grateful that I did. We have watched and saved the ceremony to view again as the day was such a surreal event. Thank you – we have found comfort in viewing the ceremony in our own time.”

    Also – don’t pay too much. Most people go for the middle ground when getting quotes for good reason.

    Don’t go for the cheapest option

    The cheapest option is rarely the best. When you’re the cheapest in the market, it’s a race to the bottom and too much is compromised. You only get one chance to get it right, and when it’s an event as important and as emotionally charged as a funeral, you can’t risk it.

    Don’t book a single camera live stream

    We’re going to be brutally honest here. Single camera live streams just don’t cut it. Because the camera operator has no other cameras to show, you’ll see zooming in and out, crash adjustments and jerky camera movements as the one camera tries to follow what’s going on. They look terrible, they are unprofessional, and you’ll be asking why you paid all that money for something so amateur that doesn’t look much different from what you could do yourself on your smartphone.

    Having a second camera allows for the next shot to be lined up before you see it, so the video is a series of clear and smooth transitions between wide shots and close ups, just like a TV program. (By the way, two cameras are ample for most ceremonies. A third, usually mobile one, is useful for bigger or more complex ones. But any more than that just turns the church into a Defacto TV studio and it becomes way too obtrusive.)

    Cutting out cameras is a classic way to cut the fee. But the compromise is losing far too much in production value. That’s why CeremonyCast doesn’t offer a one camera option.

    Don’t forget the sound

    Sound is just as important – if not more so – than vision. It’s vital you can hear everything that’s being said. We use multiple microphones on the lecterns and on the ministers which often means online viewers get a far better audio experience than those present in church. Cheaper companies use the built-in microphone on their camera to pick up general sound in the room, and hope for the best. Spoiler alert: the sound is always awful.

    Don’t get a mate to do it

    “Live streaming is pretty easy, right? My mate can do that. He’s great on Instagram Stories.” Let’s not even go there!

    We could write a book on all the things that can go wrong and how technology can let you down when you least expect it. Videography and Live Event Production is a professional skill. Nothing beats solid experience.

    A man operating a funeral live streaming setup with two cameras and a laptop

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