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Funeral Photography Service

A colourful cardboard coffin decorated with flowers, pictures, artwork, drawings and words of tribute

CeremonyCast provides beautiful funeral photography to capture the many emotions of love, life and loss, documenting the story of a lifetime discreetly, professionally and respectfully

Covering Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Wollongong, Blue Mountains & Southern Highlands

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Beautiful Funeral Photography

Moving memories captured with care and consideration by CeremonyCast’s team of professional funeral photographers


Our team has extensive experience at funerals giving us the required insight and understanding


We capture the details, events and emotions of all funeral ceremonies whether religious or secular

to Heal

Reflecting on your visual record of farewell helps with healing and reconcilliation as time passes

Respect &

We work with discretion, respect and consideration with full guidance from the family


We can accompany you to the graveside to document the final farewell (Optional Extra)


Funerals can be overwhelming so we record the many moving moments you may have missed


Our photographs help to create a lasting legacy as you say farewell and pay tribute to a life lived


The Wake is a chance to relax, swap memories and celebrate the story of a lifetime (Optional Extra)


Photographs help create a unique contribution to family history for current and future generations

Funeral Photography FAQ

Why should I consider funeral photography?

Funeral photography may seem a little strange at first thought, but just as we full our phones and photo albums with the everyday moments of life and laughter, it’s just as important to capture the big moments of love and loss.

Families tell us our photographs provide a treasured collection of moments and memories, many of which were missed in the overwhelming emotion of the day. Being able to reflect on the funeral, in your own time when you feel ready, helps with healing and to move through the stages of grief as we move forward into a new and different phase of life.

It also provides a lasting legacy of photos that documents your family history for current and future generations. You may not look at the photographs in the days following a funeral. But the true value of these images becomes clear in the months and years afterwards.

What is your approach to taking funeral photos?

Our funeral photographers have extensive experience helping families to record the events and emotions of funerals. We understand the unique considerations and challenges of such sensative situations. We work unobstrusively with much care, respect and discretion in full consultation with the family, holding back and working at a distance with zoom lenses where we can. We’ll be guided by you over who, what and when you want us to photograph.

We do our best to capture as much as we can in addition to the ceremony itself – such as the flowers, the setting, the personal mementos and the meaningful details you may have missed.

Can you photograph the burial and/or the wake as well?

Yes we can. We’ll work with you to make sure every element that you need is taken care of.

Being at the burial means we can be beside you at the final moment of farewell. We also understand the cultural importance of this for many families.

Photos at the wake are a chance to capture the celebration of life, balancing the more difficult emotions of earlier in the day. And it provides a record of attendance in moments where people may feel more comfortable having their photo taken.

Can you also live stream the funeral?

Yes. CeremonyCast provides a full live streaming and video recording service for funerals. See our funeral live streaming page for full details.