About CeremonyCast

CeremonyCast has been live streaming and webcasting weddings, funerals and events in the Sydney area since 2018.

Our niche focus on the events that mark milestones in our lives comes from our unique professional background of TV, online, photography and Celebrancy. Combining those many years of experience means we have a thorough understanding of the technical requirements and production needs of live streaming, as well as our participation in hundreds of successful ceremonies and events.

Our approach is always family first, keeping our webcasting services easy, simple and affordable. We bring people together wherever they may be for those key moments of celebration or farewell.

Meet Our Team

Stephen Lee

Owner and Webcast Producer

I was inspired to create CeremonyCast when, as a Marriage Celebrant, I noticed the occasional wedding guest waving a phone in the air, trying (and often failing) to live stream the ceremony to family and friends. I realised there was a need for a professional webcasting service which would do the job way better.

Since then, CeremonyCast has established itself as one of Sydney’s leading live streaming companies with 5 star reviews from families and couples. As people have become familiar with live video in their working and personal lives, a webcast has become a standard element of a funeral and wedding.

Before I was a Marriage and Funeral Celebrant, I worked for many years in TV and broadcasting, so I have an unusual but perfect combination of skills to bring webcasting and ceremonies together. I love seeing at first-hand what a difference it makes to bring people together at such important moments in our lives.

Our service really came into its own in 2020 when the COVID pandemic forced restrictions on weddings and funerals. We’ve been told time and time again how a CeremonyCast webcast is the closest thing to being there in person.

Jason De Plater

Webcast Producer

As a professional wedding photographer, I have an eye for the important detail in ceremonies. I also bring my high standards of professionalism and skill to live streaming.

I’ve been trusted by couples and families to preserve precious moments since 2013. Video has always been part of that journey, and I have also worked in a college teaching students the art of directing live broadcast events.

There’s only one chance to capture a wedding or a funeral. You can trust us to deliver a quality webcast that does exactly that.