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Choosing Funeral Hymns

    Music at a funeral serves as a powerful and meaningful medium for emotional expression, honouring the deceased, and fostering a sense of unity and healing among those in attendance. The choice is deeply personal so how do you choose the right music and funeral hymns?

    Choosing funeral hymns can be a difficult and emotional task, especially if you are not sure what kind of songs your loved one would have wanted. Hymns are a way of expressing your faith and grief, and they can also bring comfort and peace to the mourners.

    What are the right funeral hymns?

    Here are some tips and resources to help you choose hymns for a funeral:

    • Think about the personality, preferences, and beliefs of the deceased. Did they have a favourite hymn or a favourite genre of music? Did they belong to a specific denomination or tradition? Did they have a personal relationship with God or a particular aspect of his character? Try to choose hymns that reflect their individuality and their faith journey.
    • Consider the tone and theme of the funeral. Do you want to celebrate the life and legacy of the deceased, or focus on their eternal rest and salvation? Do you want to express sorrow and lament, or joy and gratitude? Do you want to comfort the bereaved, or challenge them to live in God’s will? Try to choose hymns that match the mood and the message of the funeral.
    • Seek guidance and advice from others. You don’t have to make this decision alone. You can ask for suggestions for funeral hymns from family members, friends, clergy, or funeral directors. You can also look for inspiration from online sources, such as 20+ Best Funeral Hymns, 30+ Perfect Hymns for a Funeral, or Hymns For A Funeral. These websites offer a variety of hymns for different types of funerals, along with their lyrics and meanings.
    • Listen to the hymns before you decide. Sometimes, hearing a hymn can evoke a different emotion or impression than reading it. You can listen to the hymns online, on CDs, or in church services. You can also sing them yourself, or ask someone else to sing them for you. Try to imagine how the hymns will sound and feel at the funeral, and how they will affect you and the other mourners.

    About the funeral hymn in the video above

    “Shepherd us, O God, beyond my wants, beyond my fears, from death into life” is a hymn by Marty Haugen, based on Psalm 23.

    Here it is performed by Nathan Stark at St Joseph’s Church in Narrabeen, NSW.

    Funerals Hymns - a singer and a pianist

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