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The Order of Service Booklet

    When attending a funeral, one of the key elements you’ll notice is the ‘Order of Service’ or Mass Booklet. This small but significant pamphlet serves multiple purposes, both practical and sentimental, during and after the funeral service.

    An Order of Service or Mass Booklet for a funeral

    Order of Service booklets at a funeral are always lovingly prepared. They are practical, but also popular with mourners who like to keep them in tribute to the person who has passed.

    The primary function of an Order of Service booklet is to guide attendees through the funeral proceedings. It outlines the sequence of events, including hymns, readings, eulogies, and prayers, allowing guests to participate actively and follow along with the service.

    Personalisation and Remembrance

    An Order of Service can be deeply personalized, reflecting the life and personality of the deceased. It often includes photos, favourite quotes, and personal messages, making it a unique tribute to the individual. This customisation turns the booklet into a cherished keepsake for mourners, providing them with a tangible memory of the day and the person they are honouring.

    Comfort and Closure

    For many, the Order of Service booklet offers a source of comfort. It’s a physical component of the funeral that mourners can hold onto, providing a sense of closeness to the departed during a time of grief. After the funeral, the Order of Service remains as a lasting memento. It’s not uncommon for family members to keep a copy with other important documents or in a place of remembrance, serving as a lasting legacy of the loved one’s life story.

    What to include in the Order of Service?

    Name and Photo: A smiling or happy image with their full name and dates of birth and death.

    Service Details: Time, date, and location of the funeral service, possibly including burial or cremation ceremony details.

    Order of Events: List all parts of the service in sequence, such as welcome, readings, hymns, eulogies, and prayers, with presenters’ names.

    Readings and Lyrics: Include texts for hymns, prayers, or poems to be read or sung during the service.

    Additional Memories: More photos, anecdotes, or quotes can be added to personalise the booklet.

    Acknowledgments: A thank you message to attendees and those who offered support.

    Charity Information: If collecting donations, provide details of the chosen charity and how to contribute.

    Wake Details: Information about the post-service gathering, if applicable.

    Other things to consider

    When printing copies of an Order of Service booklet for a funeral, there are several important considerations to ensure the booklet serves as a fitting tribute. Choose high-quality paper that will give the booklet a professional and respectful appearance. Ensure the design is clear and the layout is easy to follow. Carefully proofread the content to avoid any errors or typos. And print a few extra copies to accommodate all attendees and for keepsakes.

    Need some help creating a funeral booklet?

    Check out our “Funeral Friends” page for designers who can assist.


    The significance of an Order of Service booklet extends beyond its pages. It’s a guide, a tribute, a source of comfort, and a legacy, all encapsulated in a simple document that carries profound meaning for those saying farewell.

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