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Top 5 reasons to live stream your wedding

    Whether you’re getting married on a beautiful beach in Sydney, in a venue with views in the Southern Highlands or at a hip hangout in Newcastle, wedding live streaming has become a vital part of your big day. Here are CeremonyCast’s top 5 reasons to live stream your wedding to family and friends!

    Top 5 reasons to live stream your wedding
    Alex and Anush marry in Sydney as their wedding is live streamed to the world

    1. Invite absolutely everyone to your wedding

    The big moments of our lives need to be shared with friends and family. But Australia is a huge country. Most people have guests from interstate who they’d love to invite but know it’s a big ask with the travel commitments. And being such a multicultural country, those who’ve chosen somewhere like Sydney, Wollongong or Newcastle as their new home often have family all over the world. Of course, that’s even further to come to celebrate a wedding! And as much as they’d love to, some guests simply can’t attend for various reasons. So why should they miss out?

    Wedding live streaming technology brings family and friends together from across the world. CeremonyCast helps you share important milestones with family and friends – wherever they are. CeremonyCast uses the latest live streaming technology to put your online guests at the heart of your wedding ceremony, no matter how, when or where they’re watching. We understand how crucial it is for those who can’t be there in person to still participate in such an important moment. Our live streams can be viewed on any device without any need to download an app or software. And there are no limits on how many people can watch.

    A wedding live stream is also great insurance policy in case people can’t attend due to urgent last-minute reasons.

    We live streamed Alex and Anush’s wedding from a church in Sydney. They had family overseas who couldn’t travel to Australia but joined them online instead. Here’s what a family member in Ireland posted on their wedding live streaming page:

    “Thank you for the privilege of attending your wedding ceremony and reception. We would have loved to be there personally, but the live stream was faultless and certainly the next best thing. What a wonderful event! As we Irish say, top of the morning to you, that was a grand wedding to be sure. Great to see you having great craic down there!”


    Guests wave at the camera during a wedding live stream in Sydney
    Guests wave at the camera during a wedding live stream at Gunners Barracks in Sydney

    It wasn’t that long ago that it was unusual to see a camera crew livestreaming a wedding, or to receive an invitation to an online wedding. But so much has changed recently, particularly since the COVID pandemic. That made wedding live streaming an immediate practical necessity, due to travel bans, movement restrictions and caps on numbers at ceremonies. Now, even though all those restrictions have long gone, wedding live streaming has stayed – a long term benefit of the pandemic response.

    If you’re reading this, you clearly want to know how to live stream your wedding. According to the 2022 Annual Wedding Industry Report by Easy Weddings, 37% of couples live-streamed their wedding ceremony. Couples have recognised how valuable live streaming is; to easily include far-flung family and friends, to widen the invite list while keeping a lid on per-head venue costs, and because the wedding live stream can be downloaded, it doubles up as a wedding video too!

    It’s a win-win for guests as well. It’s now totally socially acceptable to attend a wedding virtually. When sadly declining a RSVP, guests now ask for the wedding live streaming link so they can still be a part of your wedding day. With CeremonyCast, you can watch the wedding ceremony live as it’s happening, or you can watch the recording later. We’ll send you a link to download a copy of the ceremony video to keep, along with the names of those who watched, and any messages left in your online guestbook.

    We all cried watching your wedding today! The love and joy were so palpable. We especially loved the shots of you both at the very end as you walked back up the aisle – you were both glowing!


    Thinking about the best way to live stream your wedding? Wedding live streaming has gained immense popularity, transforming the way people celebrate and share their special day.

    Wedding live streaming offers a convenient solution for couples and their loved ones who are unable to attend the ceremony in person. Distance, travel restrictions, health concerns, and other logistical challenges can limit the number of guests who can physically be present. However, with live streaming, couples can include a virtual audience, allowing family members, friends, and even acquaintances from around the world to witness the event in real-time. This enables a greater sense of inclusivity and allows the couple to share their joyous occasion with a larger audience.

    Additionally, wedding live streaming provides an opportunity to preserve memories and create lasting mementos. Couples can capture high-quality video footage of their wedding ceremony, ensuring that every heartfelt moment and exchange of vows is documented. The live stream can be recorded and saved for future viewing, allowing the couple and their loved ones to relive the joyous occasion and cherish the memories for years to come.

    Moreover, advancements in technology have made wedding live streaming more accessible and user-friendly. With the widespread availability of high-speed internet connections, and various streaming platforms, many streaming services offer user-friendly interfaces and customisable features, allowing couples to personalise their virtual wedding experience.

    Lastly, the COVID-19 pandemic played a significant role in the surge of wedding live streaming’s popularity. With restrictions on gatherings and social distancing measures in place, many couples turned to virtual alternatives to ensure their loved ones could still be a part of their special day. Live streaming provided a safe and secure way to connect and celebrate, even when physical gatherings were limited.

    3. Combine wedding videography to save costs

    Couple standing under wedding arch of flowers at Glenworth Valley Central Coast
    Astin and Nic asked CeremonyCast to join then at their Central Coast wedding

    Let’s be honest, wedding costs can soon mount up and you have to make serious choices on what’s important to you to stay within budget. According to Australian Government’s MoneySmart, the average Australian wedding costs $36,000. 82% of couples dipped into their savings to pay for their wedding. Another 60% got a loan and 18% used their credit card.

    Here at CeremonyCast, we understand that finding ways to save money without compromising on your wedding is important. We live stream your wedding around the world without charging the earth. We keep our service easy and simple and our fees competitive and affordable. You can watch the ceremony live as it’s happening, or you can watch the recording later. We’ll also give you a copy of the video to download and keep. This means the live stream doubles up as a wedding video too, giving you extra value!

    That being said, it’s important to understand the difference between wedding live streaming and traditional videography. While we offer a professionally produced variety of different angles, close ups and wide shots, the technology required means that live streams are filmed from a static spot. Our shooting style is “as it happens”, documenting events in real time as they unfold. Traditional wedding videographers use a team of people who move around filming on mobile cameras, creating a cinematic, highly edited and polished production.

    It’s just as important to note that while live streaming and traditional wedding videography are related, they are quite different disciplines requiring different skills. Experience shows that many wedding videographers don’t want to get into streaming, much preferring to bring in live streaming professionals like CeremonyCast.

    Wow – what a wonderful service! We were blown away by the quality of the live stream. After pandemic years of dodgy zoom calls and meetings, this service is ANYTHING but. Do yourself a favour and book this service. Multiple camera angles, perfect audio – and completely unobtrusive. Best of all we have a copy of our ceremony to keep forever. This is a wonderful way to include family and friends from all over the world. Take the pressure off and hire a professional. It was 100% worth it and one of the best mementos of our day.


    4. Call in the professionals

    Couple kiss after being declared to be husband and wife
    Married in the Southern Highlands with family in Italy watching our wedding live stream

    Certainly, if you want to live stream your wedding, you can live stream your wedding yourself. But sometimes it’s just easier, simpler and preferable to call in the professionals, especially with something as important as a wedding.

    Sure, I can go to Bunnings and buy bricks, cement and a trowel, and then watch a YouTube tutorial on how to build a wall. But it’s going to look terrible and will probably fall down! The same goes for wedding live streaming.

    Don’t get a mate to hold their phone in the air for half an hour and hope for the best. The result will be horrible. You’ll be lucky to hear or see very much which is such a massive let-down for people watching. Wedding live streaming has evolved from something quick and dirty to a polished and professional production. Like building our brick wall, wedding live streaming looks easy, right? But if you’ve got a couple of hours to spare, let me explain the myriad of ways it can all fall apart very fast. Shall we talk bitrates, resolutions, upload speeds, copyright strikes and platforms that can automatically cut you off mid-stream?

    Our professional live streaming producers capture every element of your wedding so nobody misses a thing. We vision mix your ceremony live; cutting between multiple cameras and a variety of different shots. Additionally we use pro-grade microphones or a direct audio feed to ensure good quality sound. And we broadcast using a professional streaming platform to ensure quality and reliability (and no, that isn’t YouTube).

    The CeremonyCast wedding live streaming crews come with a wealth of experience. Some from wedding photography and videography, others from TV and radio broadcasting, and even Marriage Celebrancy. We know weddings – and how to film them – inside out, upside down and back to front. That’s why some of the leading wedding venues in Sydney, the Southern Highlands and the Hunter Valley trust and recommend us to couples.

    5. Relive your wedding highlights immediately

    A couple greet alpacas at their wedding in Sydney
    Will and Gabi had alpacas at their wedding in Sydney

    As everyone who ever got married will tell you, weddings zip by in a flash. It’s easy to be swept along in the excitement of the day and miss some of those little moments.

    As soon as your wedding live stream ends, the video is immediately available to watch back as a recording. We leave your streaming page online for a month so people can watch, or rewatch, your ceremony. At a recent wedding that CeremonyCast live streamed, the reception DJ played the ceremony back on the big TV screens around the venue. The guests, and the couple, absolutely LOVED seeing themselves having so much fun. How’s that for instant gratification?

    We create a personalised private webpage for your wedding. We’ll send you the link when you book, allowing you lots of time to send out your online invitations. The page also contains a guestbook so people watching your wedding can leave you messages. In addition to telling you how many people were online, we’ll also give you a list of their names so you know exactly who watched. It’s yet another great reason to ensure you live stream your wedding!

    We engaged CeremonyCast to live stream our wedding and it was one of the best decisions we made. The communication was easy and timely, the process simple and the results outstanding! We’ve had so many people comment on how well done the production was (especially compared to some of the ‘homemade’ ones they’ve seen from hand-held smart phones – there is simply no comparison). Logging on was super easy and many people were able to leave messages. A fantastic experience and brilliant product – highly recommend CeremonyCast, they do great work!


    6. Bonus – the gift of giving back

    OK, we called this blog post our “Top 5 reasons to live stream your wedding”. But here’s a bonus 6th reason when you ask CeremonyCast to live stream your wedding.

    We are proud to support a range of Australian charities. We regularly donate a percentage of our profits to a carefully selected group of good causes. Choosing us means you too are directly helping and contributing to some amazing work being done by our charity partners.

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