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Australian Red Cross

    February 2023

    Australian Red Cross Logo

    CeremonyCast is proud to support a range of Australian charities helping people through different life issues.

    We see at first-hand the inspiring work they do in the community by helping people to navigate grief and bereavement, offering practical care after someone dies, reaching out to those in personal crisis, guiding those on their final journey, or advocating on important issues. We are glad to give back by regularly donating to these deserving causes.

    This month we’re supporting the Australian Red Cross Earthquake Appeal.

    Thousands of people have been killed and tens of thousands injured after two major earthquakes struck Türkiye and northern Syria on Monday 6 February.

    In the dark of a winter morning at 4.17am, while most people were asleep in their homes, a 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Türkiye and Syria. The damage was widespread and catastrophic, with reports of apartment blocks and office buildings collapsing. At midday, a second 7.7-magnitude earthquake struck, resulting in further damage, injury and loss of life.

    The Turkish and Syrian Arab Red Crescent teams have been on the ground, delivering aid and supporting rescue efforts since the first earthquakes hit. These local teams are helping with search and rescue, transportation to hospitals, first aid and distributing essential non-food items.

    The scale of need is immense, with many thousands of people in desperate need of emergency relief assistance such as first aid, health, shelter and non-food items.

    Donations to the Türkiye-Syria Earthquakes Appeal will help provide immediate and longer-term relief to communities affected by the earthquakes.

    That support may include:

    • emergency relief assistance such as search and rescue and first aid services, health, shelter and non-food items
    • specialist aid workers to assist local teams to respond to the crisis
    • helping people to restore contact with family members separated by the earthquakes by offering services to maintain family links and locate missing family members
    • monitoring and evaluation of the operation.


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