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Dying with Dignity

    May 2024

    Paddington Uniting Church

    This month we’re supporting Dying with Dignity NSW in memory of a much-loved mother, wife, friend and colleague whose memorial ceremony in Sydney was live streamed by CeremonyCast.

    Paddington United Church was full as people gathered to say goodbye in a very special ceremony that had been planned by the family together.

    On its website, Dying with Dignity says, “Every competent adult in NSW has the legal right to accept or refuse any recommended medical treatment. At this time, people having medical treatment in NSW are not entitled to ask for assistance to die.

    Your end-of-life choices can only be respected if those involved know what you want and what you do not want. If you are unable to make and communicate your own decisions at the time of treatment, health professionals will refer to your advance care plan to identify your wishes and determine who can speak for you. DWD NSW recommends that every Australian adult makes an advance care plan, as you can lose the ability to communicate at any age eg. if you are the victim of a serious accident.

    Dying with Dignity NSW is an advocacy organisation committed to supporting voluntary assisted dying laws and other end-of-life choices for residents in NSW. For nearly 50 years we pursued a change in the law to allow competent adults experiencing intolerable suffering, from a terminal or incurable illness, to receive medical assistance to end their life peacefully, at the time of their choosing. In May 2022 we achieved our primary goal when NSW Parliament passed the Voluntary Assisted Dying Act 2022.”

    CeremonyCast is proud to support a range of Australian charities helping people through different life issues.

    We see at first-hand the inspiring work they do in the community by helping people to navigate grief and bereavement, offering practical care after someone dies, reaching out to those in personal crisis, guiding those on their final journey, or advocating on important issues. We are glad to give back by regularly donating to these deserving causes.


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