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Extra Funeral Services

We can help with other aspects of the funeral or memorial ceremony. Let us take care of the tech for you.

Audio Visual equipment and operation

CeremonyCast AV Setup Example - Funeral Live Streaming Sydney

Funeral and memorial ceremonies include elements such as videos, slideshows, music, etc.

Not all venues have the required equipment. As an additional service to our live streaming, we can provide any combination of TV, projector, screen, speaker system, microphones and mic stands plus an AV operator to look after the setup, playback and pack down.

The AV Producer will ensure everything connects together seamlessly, and will play all the ceremony media on cue using professional presentation software. The AV producer also does the pre-production in the lead up to the ceremony; sourcing and downloading the music, creating a holding slide for the venue screens, (sometimes) creating the photo tribute slideshow, and producing any recorded video tributes.

Photo Slideshows

CeremonyCast Photo Slideshow Example - Funeral Live Streaming Sydney

CeremonyCast creates beautiful tribute slideshows containing photos, video clips and music for the reflection.

We’ll provide you with an online folder to upload all your photos so it’s super simple.

Our slideshow videos are fully compatible with all chapel, crematorium, funeral home and venue audio-visual systems.

Video Tributes and Eulogies

It’s common for family and friends who can’t attend to send tributes or eulogies via video message. These tributes are played during the ceremony.

We can help people prepare for and produce their tributes.

Extra Cameras

CeremonyCast - Extra Camera - Funeral Live Streaming Sydney

Sometimes funerals include extra elements or they are bigger events that require an extra camera crew to fully capture all aspects of the ceremony.

We can expand on our standard service to ensure every moment is recorded.