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Extra Funeral Services

We offer a range of helpful extra services to complement our main live streaming and recording service.

Audio Visual Packages

A good Audio-Visual setup is crucial to a smooth, successful and memorable ceremony. Our AV Package can help when your venue doesn’t have the AV facilities you need, or it has old and unreliable equipment.

We can provide any combination of equipment such as projector, screen, TV, speaker system, microphones and mic stands plus an AV operator to look after the setup, playback and pack down. The AV Producer will ensure everything connects together seamlessly and will play all the ceremony media on cue using professional presentation software. The AV producer also does the pre-production in the lead up to the ceremony; sourcing and downloading the music, picture and video files, plus any editing as required.

Our AV Package provides peace of mind. Forget the myriad of connections, cables, formats and equipment. Leaving it to the professionals avoids technical trauma at an already stressful time.

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AV Package 1
Audio and Video

  • Projector and 80 inch screen OR 60 inch TV on stand
  • 1 PA speaker and stand
  • 1 wireless microphone and stand
  • Laptop with professional presentation software
  • On-site AV Technician

This package can be customised with the following at additional cost:

  • Solid white wooden lectern on wheels with display frame
  • Extra speakers (up to 3 in total)
  • Additional microphone(s) and stand(s)
  • Additional TV OR projector and screen
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AV Package 2

  • Up to 3 PA speakers and stands
  • 1 wireless microphone and stand
  • 1 wired microphone
  • Laptop with professional audio playback software
  • On-site AV Technician

This package can be customised with the following at additional cost:

  • Solid white wooden lectern on wheels with display frame

Tribute Slideshows

Tribute slideshows and videos are often one of the most memorable and moving elements of a funeral service. We create beautiful mini-movies using your photos and video clips, which combined with meaningful music choices, tells the story of a lifetime. We offer a range of different styles to suit.

Our videos go above and beyond the standard, creating something truly special that pays tribute to a life well lived. We’ll provide you with full instructions and assistance so it’s super simple. Pick from a wide choice of styles, choose the soundtrack and upload your photos. Then simply sit back and let us do the rest.

Our slideshow videos are fully compatible with all chapel, crematorium, funeral home and venue audio-visual systems.

Graphic Production

Funerals also call for the creation of images and graphics for the venue screens. We can produce these holding slides in addition to the tribute slideshows.

Guy Griffiths Holding Screen

Red Wednesday 2023 Holding Slide

Diana Giorgiutti Holding Slide

Video Eulogies

It’s common for family and friends who can’t attend to send tributes or eulogies via video message. These tributes are played during the ceremony. We can help people prepare for and produce their tributes.

CeremonyCast Video Tribute Example - Funeral Live Streaming Sydney

Extra Cameras

Sometimes funerals include extra elements or they are bigger events that require an extra camera crew to fully capture all aspects of the ceremony. We can expand on our standard service to ensure every moment is seen.

CeremonyCast - Extra Camera - Funeral Live Streaming Sydney

Drone Footage

As modern funerals continue to evolve, technology is changing how we farewell our loved ones. Funeral live streaming, videography and funeral photography have all become stapes of a funeral ceremony. Now, for those joining a funeral from afar via a live stream or watching the recorded playback, footage from a drone can really enhance their experience – in the right circumstances.

Drones are perfect for giving viewers a sense of location and scale. When a funeral ceremony also scales up to be bigger and more elaborate, a drone comes into it’s own. Technology has evolved to a point where drones can easily shoot live, high-quality video and transmit it to the ground so we can include the video in our funeral live streams.

Video from a drone is always impressive and adds a level of production value previously only afforded to high-end film and TV productions.

Funeral Photography

Funeral photography documents your family history for current and future generations.

Families tell us our photographs provide a treasured collection of moments to look back on, many of which were missed in the emotion of the day. Being able to reflect on the funeral, in your own time when you feel ready, helps with healing. And the value of these images only increases in the months and years afterwards, helping to tell the story of someone’s life and preserve precious memories.

Just as we full our phones and photo albums with the everyday moments of life and laughter, it’s just as important to capture the big moments of love and loss.

A woman puts her arm around her son during a funeral ceremony