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Full Military Honours

    CeremonyCast was honoured to live stream the funeral of Major General Warren Glenny AO RFD ED at All Saints Church in Parramatta. Warren was born in 1935 and served in the Australian Army. He was a long-term member of CHRSL Sub-Branch and was the President of CHRG, serving his country, club and community for over 70 years.

    In Australia, we hold great pride in our military personnel who have bravely served our nation and made the ultimate sacrifice to protect our freedom and security. When a service member passes away, it is essential to pay them the highest respect and honour. One crucial element of military funerals is the presence of a Catafalque Party, a ceremonial guard that symbolises the nation’s gratitude and reverence for our fallen heroes.

    What is a Catafalque Party?

    A Catafalque Party is a specially selected group of serving members from the Australian Defence Force who play a pivotal role in military funeral services. Their primary duty is to stand watch over the casket or coffin of the deceased service member with utmost dignity and solemnity. They form a “guard of honour” around the final resting place, symbolising the eternal vigilance over their fallen comrade.

    A Catafalque Party during a military funeral in Parramatta

    The Significance of the Ceremony

    The role of the Catafalque Party extends beyond mere symbolism; it embodies the spirit of remembrance and gratitude for the sacrifice made by our service personnel. Their unwavering presence and silent vigil convey a powerful message of respect and honor to the departed and their families.

    Precision and Solemnity

    During the ceremony, the Catafalque Party remains motionless and composed, reflecting the discipline and dedication that defines our military forces. Their appearance in full military regalia, along with their precision and unity, adds a sense of solemnity to the occasion. This display of military tradition and honour reminds us of the sacrifices made by the fallen, and the debt we owe to them for safeguarding our way of life.

    Lest We Forget

    The Catafalque Party serves as a poignant reminder of the phrase “Lest We Forget,” which is synonymous with commemorating our fallen heroes. As we witness this ceremony, we are called upon to reflect on the courage and selflessness of those who laid down their lives for our country. It is a moment to appreciate the profound impact of their service and the void left behind by their absence.

    A Shared Responsibility

    As Australians, it is our collective responsibility to show support and gratitude to the Catafalque Party. By understanding and respecting the significance of their role, we can contribute to preserving the solemnity and reverence of military funerals. These ceremonies are an opportunity for us to come together as a nation, to acknowledge the sacrifices made, and to offer comfort and support to the grieving families.

    In Conclusion

    The Catafalque Party is an integral part of military funerals in Australia, representing the deep appreciation we have for the dedication and sacrifice of our fallen heroes. Through their stoic presence and dignified ceremony, they remind us of the debt we owe to those who have served and laid down their lives for our country.

    Let us always remember and honour our fallen heroes, and may their legacy inspire generations to come. Lest We Forget.

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