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Funeral Drones

In the right circumstances, video from a drone may be an important addition to your funeral live stream video. CeremonyCast’s professional drone pilots can help elevate your video to a whole new level.

Funeral drone

Drones are perfect for giving viewers a sense of location and scale. When a funeral ceremony also scales up to be bigger and more elaborate, a drone comes into its own. We can capture elements such as Guards of Honour, balloon or dove releases and the departure of the hearse from an aerial perspective.

Technology has evolved to a point where drones can easily shoot live, high-quality video and transmit it to the ground so we can include the video in our funeral live streams. Video from a drone is always impressive and adds a level of production value previously only afforded to high-end film and TV productions.

CeremonyCast’s professional drone pilots are fully trained, registered and accredited with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). This means they meet the highest standards of safety, knowledge and operation, often able to fly in scenarios where others can’t.

Flying a drone at a funeral also requires our pilots to fly with discretion and sensitivity. This means balancing the need to capture events clearly while keeping at an unobtrusive distance. We use the latest smaller and quieter drones to avoid any disturbance as much as possible.

It’s important to recognise that using drones at funerals would not be appropriate for the majority of ceremonies. And there are often restrictions on the locations where a drone can be flown. But in the right circumstances, in the right location, and for the right ceremonies, drones have become an important part of the funeral live streaming tool kit.

Want to find out more or add drone coverage to your CeremonyCast funeral live stream? Get in touch.