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Movie Memorial Memories

    Pam was a creative and beautiful spirit who loved the silver screen. So when her family had to choose somewhere to hold her memorial, going to the movies for “The Pam Show” was the clear choice.

    Pamela was a unique spirit, who danced and sang to the beat of her own drum. She was a formidable woman. She was incredibly creative. She was the bringer of funny hats, musical instruments, surprise food and spontaneity. She was the cheekiest “grown up” around. She loved all The Arts & Crafts – and she loved the movies.

    Star of the show

    It seemed the most natural and right idea to celebrate her life with a memorial service experienced inside the Roseville Cinema – a cinematic showcase of her life and love. After a lifetime participating in choirs, musical theatre and performing, how perfect that Pamela was the star of the show.

    Pam Cinema 01 CeremonyCast Funeral Live Streaming

    Prior to the memorial service, ‘the Pamela show’ guests got the tickets and settled in with their choc tops and popcorn. The service was also filmed for family and friends interstate. How very ‘meta’!

    Pam Cinema 02 CeremonyCast Funeral Live Streaming

    Creative spirit

    The week before the memorial, Picaluna Funerals helped the family conduct an intimate and private committal. Even this was done authentically in keeping with the creative spirit and legacy of Pamela. A fabulous family gathering occurred to decorate her coffin. Everyone got to paint something on the casket, and write a message on the inside.

    It was a lovely evening Pamela would have delighted in – seeing all her kids and tribe of grandchildren immersed in the painting and creative expression. The coffin was even lined on the inside with black sparkly paper, so she would be surrounded by the stars on her journey.

    A poem for Pam

    Pamela June – Mother hen, ‘Chook’. 11/6/33 – 16/7/22 Aged: 89.

    “You left us this morning, but your love lives on.
    You never raised your voice, unless to cheer.
    You never raised your hand, unless to ‘hoorah’
    You gave us your time, your creativity, your silly hats, puppet shows, dress ups and endless love.
    The world will be very boring without you.
    You were my dearest friend, we did so much together, holidays, shopping, walks, beaches, parenting.
    You can sing again with dad now, free of your ailing body.
    Missing you already, dearest mummy.
    Such a void you have left.”

    Jenny (daughter)

    Family thanks

    When you are a funeral director by profession, and then a death occurs in your own family, you are in a unique position to know all the things to do but also needing to relinquish control and be the client. Trust is key, and there is no one I trusted more to video my mother-in-law’s memorial service than CeremonyCast.

    Stephen totally adapted into the unique brief of filming Pamela’s Cinematic Send-off for our family and friends interstate. Working with CeremonyCast on this most important ‘production’ allowed my heart to relax because I knew he knew what to do. Apart from being always professional, respectful and just down-right lovely – it was clear from the final product that he delivered for our family – Stephen had really thought a lot about how it would all come together. In his mind he had already prepared and storyboarded all the additional pictures and angles and creative inclusions so that on the day, he could capture the event perfectly. He captured our family and friends arriving, getting their tickets, gathering in the foyer and then settling in with their choc tops and popcorn to watch the ‘Pamela Show’.

    After capturing it all on the day, and taking some still photography as well, Stephen produced the most magnificent film of the entire experience, turned around SAME DAY! Amazing! We think Stephen is a bit of a star too.

    Thank you with great love and gratitude from the entire Tolmie Family.

    Pam Cinema 03 CeremonyCast Funeral Live Streaming
    The Pam Show

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