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Redfern Legal Centre

    July 2022

    Redfern Legal Centre Logo

    CeremonyCast is proud to support a range of Australian charities helping people through different end of life issues.

    We see at first-hand the inspiring work they do in the community by helping people to navigate grief and bereavement, offering practical care after someone dies, reaching out to those in personal crisis, guiding those on their final journey, or advocating on important issues around death and dying. We are glad to give back by regularly donating to these deserving causes.

    This month we’re supporting the Redfern Legal Centre as they support those who have been affected by the collapse of the Youpla funeral insurance fund.

    The Aboriginal Community Benefit Fund (ACBF), later called Youpla, was a Gold Coast-based private business that for decades aggressively sold funeral insurance. Many people who hold funeral or insurance policies under these funds, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities who have contributed to these funds, will not receive payment of any funeral or insurance benefits under their policies if a claim is made. This also means if someone passes away, money will not be paid out to beneficiaries.

    Community support groups are calling for accountability and justice, saying at least one family is collecting cans to help pay for a funeral.

    Redfern Legal Centre (RLC) opened its doors in 1977 and since has supported thousands of the most vulnerable members of our community gain access to justice.


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