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What is CeremonyCast?

CeremonyCast uses the latest live streaming technology to bring family and friends together online via a professionally produced live wedding webcast.

Webcasts are now a familiar part of wedding ceremonies. They enable those who can’t be there in person to still be part of an important moment. Often there are people who are are interstate, overseas, unable to travel or can’t make it to the ceremony.

Our highly-produced webcasts can be viewed on any device without any need to download an app or software. They are optimised for viewing on portable devices, such as your phone or tablet. Any number of people can watch the live stream, wherever they are. And they can talk with each other and leave messages in the guest book or chat room on your webcast page as they watch. We can even give you the names of your webcast viewers so you know who was watching!

After broadcast, our webcasts stay online as a recording to watch later. Experience shows while many people view the live stream as it happens, many more also watch at a time that’s convenient for them.

You can also download a copy of the video to keep, so it’s two services in one – you get a wedding video as well as a webcast!

A Wedding Webcast or live stream in Sydney by CeremonyCast is the closest thing possible to being there in person.

Sydney Observatory Hill Wedding Webcast CeremonyCast Live Streaming
A wedding webcast from Observatory Hill, Sydney
Live streaming a wedding from Pilu Freshwater
Wedding Webcast from Palm Beach
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The professional way to live stream your wedding

CeremonyCast connects friends and family online

Getting married but missing important guests? Or organising a wedding that not everyone can attend? We can live stream your ceremony to your family and friends who can’t join you in person, bringing people together wherever they are.

  • Live Webcast
  • Multiple cameras and angles
  • Pro Audio
  • Streamed via professional webcast platform
  • Private webcast page
  • Online guestbook or live chat
  • Webcast stays online as a recording to watch later
  • Video can be downloaded afterwards to keep

All locations

Whether you’re outside on the beach or in the garden, indoors in a church or chapel, or having your ceremony at home, we can webcast from all locations with good internet coverage.

Professionally produced

Our professional producers capture every element of your wedding so nobody misses a thing. In our Silver and Gold packages we vision mix your ceremony live; cutting between multiple cameras and a variety of different shots. Additionally we use pro-grade microphones or a direct audio feed to ensure good quality sound. And we broadcast using a professional webcasting platform to ensure quality and reliability. Because CeremonyCast webcasts are designed to be mobile friendly, they are easily viewed on phones, tablets and laptops without extra software.

Watch live or later

We’ll give you the address of the private webpage where people can watch your webcast, either in real time or at their convenience. So simply pass the link to anyone who wishes to view. We also open an online guestbook or a live chat room for viewers to interact as they watch. Afterwards your recorded webcast stays online so people can watch it later. It’s also available to download and keep. Plus we ask viewers to check in, so we can send you a list of people who watched.

Ceremony and Reception Speeches

As well as your marriage ceremony, if you choose our Gold package, we will live stream the speeches at your reception too!

The wedding speeches are among the most memorable and entertaining highlights of your reception. Unlike traditional wedding videos, we show the speeches in full, so nobody misses a word.

We’ll start streaming just before the first speech and finish once the final speech has concluded. This gives your online guests a more engaging and focused viewing experience. While other formalities are best captured by your photography and videography teams, we’ll work with you to identify any other possibilities once we have your reception run sheet.

And just like the ceremony, you can download and keep the reception video too!

Comments from Wedding Webcasts

“Massive congratulations to you both! Glad that I could cheer you on virtually!”

“That was so fantastic – the stream was great. Cass and Misch look great and so happy!

“Never been to a wedding in PJs before! Lovely to feel a part of it. Sending love to everyone!! xxxxxxx”

“What a beautiful ceremony, the love was radiating through the screen!”

“Thank you for letting us share your day virtually, I felt like we were there with you!”

“We were absolutely delighted to take part in some way. Thank you so much for setting up the link.”

A wedding webcast from the Sydney Opera House
A Hindu wedding live streamed from Westmead
Traditional Church Wedding - CeremonyCast Webcast Live Streaming Sydney
A church wedding livestreamed by CeremonyCast
Dunbar House Wedding Webcast Sydney Live Streaming CeremonyCast
Live streaming a wedding at Dunbar House, Watsons Bay.
The Grounds Wedding Webcast - CeremonyCast
A CeremonyCast wedding webcast captures every detail
Gunners Barracks Wedding Live Streaming CeremonyCast Sydney
Wedding webcast from Gunners Barracks Mosman
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Our Wedding Live Streaming Services

Packages for everyone

Every wedding is different so we offer a live streaming package to suit everyone. Whether you’d like just the basics or all the bells and whistles, we’ll make sure your online guests feel at the heart of the ceremony no matter how, when or where they’re watching.

All wedding live streaming packages include:

  • Private personalised webcast page
  • Private chat room for your online guests
  • Wedding webcast via a professional live streaming platform
  • Immediate playback available for guests who missed the live event
  • Video available to download and save after the ceremony
  • Webcast page and ceremony video online for one month after the wedding
  • Live stream statistics including the names of who watched
  • Backup recording
  • Small and discreet on-site setup
Say hello! Watch our couples speaking to their webcast viewers
CeremonyCast Wedding Webcast Live Streaming Sydney Bronze

CeremonyCast Bronze

Our fuss-free & no frills option

Great for micro-weddings & elopements

  • One camera
  • Continuous single shot (also known as long-take) filming style
  • Pro audio from one microphone
  • Standard definition download
  • Budget option

CeremonyCast Wedding Webcast Live Streaming Sydney Silver

CeremonyCast Silver

Our most popular package

  • Two cameras
  • Live switching between different camera angles and a variety of changing shots
  • Pro audio from multiple microphones (Celebrant, Musicians etc)
  • Any video or audio inserts played directly into webcast
  • High definition download (1080p)

CeremonyCast Wedding Webcast Live Streaming Sydney Gold

CeremonyCast Gold

Our most comprehensive coverage

Ceremony plus reception speeches

  • Everything in Silver, plus:
  • Wedding reception speeches
  • Other reception elements if possible

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CeremonyCast Reviews

Wedding Webcast & Live Streaming in Sydney

Click here to read all our Google Reviews

What a fantastic job you did! Viewers globally were highly impressed with the quality of video, the live editing which made the wedding webcast seamless on multiple cameras as well as the quality of sound enhancing local sound but minimal background noise. Great work guys!


We settled on CeremonyCast for our wedding livestream because they were the easiest to book, most professional, and ultimately the product they provided was the best at the same price as most other providers. The livestream was watched by people all around the world with perfect picture and audio. I was really impressed it was crystal clear clarity, despite being on a rooftop in the harbour!


We asked CeremonyCast to live stream our wedding and we were delighted! They were prompt and professional, arriving early and setting up unobtrusively. Our friends and family who couldn’t attend felt included and we’re very happy with the quality of the recording that we were able to download and keep to remember the day.


CeremonyCast was very professional in streaming our wedding. The streaming quality was exceptional and the audio was excellent. Multiple cameras were setup to capture all the most important moments. The stream was watched in several countries with everyone commenting on the quality of the stream. The video is also downloadable after the ceremony which makes a great wedding video.


Thanks so much for live streaming our wedding. The feedback has been amazing, people say they felt like they were there – and to be honest I barely noticed you doing your thing! So totally immersive yet totally invisible. You do great work and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome!


Excellent service and non fuss set up and execution from CeremonyCast streaming our wedding live to family and friends across the country. HIGHLY recommended!

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Important notes for a wedding webcast and live streaming

Detailed live streaming settings vary by location and are dictated by the internet connection or mobile data available on-site. When webcasting, we’ll choose the best balance between picture quality and stream reliability.

We record a high quality copy in addition to the stream to ensure you get the best version for post-event viewing and download.

In the event that we encounter very poor or no coverage which means we can’t establish a live stream, we will record the ceremony and upload it as soon as possible. Or we can time-shift the ceremony webcast with a live playback at a later time.

Webcasts are filmed from a fixed position which gives the best balance of being out of the way while still giving a clear view of the ceremony.

We have a range of equipment available so we can choose the best setup depending on your ceremony location and what on-site facilities are available.

The nature of webcasts means they should be considered as a complementary addition to a traditional cinematic wedding video.

CeremonyCast Sydney Funeral Wedding Live Streaming Webcast Team Stephen Lee Jason De Plater
Jason De Plater and Stephen Lee of CeremonyCast
Grounds of Alexandria Wedding Webcast - CeremonyCast Live Stream Livestream Sydney
Wedding live stream from The Grounds of Alexandria
CeremonyCast Copes Lookout Wedding Webcast Live Streaming Stream Sydney
Wedding webcast from Sydney Harbour
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Common questions and answers

A live webcast is an online video broadcast at a set time which you watch through your web browser, just like streaming a TV program or a movie.

Any number of people can watch, wherever they are. We’ll give you a special link to distribute to your online guests.

Our webcasts can be viewed on any device such as smartphones, tablets, desktop, laptops etc. They are optimised for viewing on portable devices, like your phone. You can also watch the webcast on your TV if you have Chromecast, Apple TV or similar hooked up (although the picture quality will change as the screen gets bigger).

You do not need to download an app or any software. Simply open up the webpage address we give you and the webcast will appear.

We can webcast from almost any location, inside or outside, using professional audio and video kit.

A livestream is dependant on a good internet connection. The ability to webcast and the quality of the stream is dependent on the internet connection or mobile data available at the ceremony location. Should we find there is very poor or no coverage, we will record the ceremony instead and upload it as soon as possible.

Yes. The webcast is broadcast live, but when the livestream ends, the video will be available as a recording to watch at your convenience.

Experience shows us that while many watch live, other prefer to watch at a time which is more convenient or comfortable to them.

By default, webcasts are online for one month, after which they automatically go offline. We can shorten or extend this time upon request.

We webcast using Vimeo, a professional livestreaming video platform which is viewing only (it’s very similar to watching a YouTube video).

Zoom is great for simple video chat but it’s not designed for professional live streaming. Therefore we do not live stream via solutions such as Zoom or Skype where viewers can be seen or talk back, because the video and audio quality on these platforms is designed for online meetings and not professional webcasting to large numbers of people.

Additionally there are copyright restrictions on these platforms which prevent the inclusion of music in webcasts. Automated matching algorithms will mute or end the stream.

Webcasts are broadcast in the best resolution and quality we can achieve on site. In the vast majority of cases, the picture quality is excellent. We optimise our webcasts for viewing on portable devices, like tablets, phones and laptops as our analytics show us this is how most people watch.

Livestreaming is a balance between picture quality and the data speed available at the ceremony location, which can vary for reasons outside our control. So in areas of very poor connectivity, we will need to reduce quality to provide a reliable stream without pauses or buffering.

Yes. Should we arrive on site and find that we cannot webcast live, we will record the ceremony instead and post it online as soon as possible.

Or we can time-shift your webcast with a live playback at a later time.

If the webcast fails mid-broadcast for reasons outside of our control, we will endeavour to resume as soon as possible. However the intervening part of the ceremony may be missed while we reconnect.

Live streams are also recorded as they are broadcast so in such circumstances, we can upload the recording of the ceremony for subsequent viewers.

Yes! Although we focus on funerals and weddings, we can also webcast other events too. Tell us your requirements and we’ll work out the best solution for you.

CeremonyCast was established to connect family and friends during important moments and milestones, wherever they are. We understand how important it is for those who can’t be there in person to still participate in such an important moment.

Our aim is to offer professional live streaming and webcasting to as many families and couples as possible by keeping the right balance between service and affordability, As a small boutique company, we keep everything as simple and straightforward as possible.

Our service is specifically designed for weddings and funerals. We have many years of niche experience in these particular areas. Stephen comes from a TV background, working in live broadcasting. He is also a Marriage and Funeral Celebrant, and has an intimate understanding of the unique requirements of both kinds of ceremonies. Jason is a professional wedding photographer and videography lecturer.

We work as solo operators and film unobtrusively, working alongside the other professionals at your ceremony.

Email us here or call 02 8325 1722.

Sure you can – if you don’t mind it looking like this….

Live streaming sounds easy but in practice you’ll soon encounter all kinds of issues and pitfalls. Can you be sure your DIY job isn’t going to look and sound terrible? How will you get clear audio? Or be able to see all the key moments clearly? Will you be able to avoid your stream being automatically cut off by Facebook or YouTube because copyrighted music is detected? How will you know the best settings to choose – or will you even get a stream out at all?

Handing this important task to those who can produce a quality product is always the best idea. There’s only one chance to get it right. Think of it like decorating your home. Sure, you can go to Bunnings, buy some paint, rollers and brushes and paint it yourself. But it’s always much harder work than you expect and it never looks anywhere as good as getting it done by a professional team….

We cover the Sydney metro area, which is up to 60km radius from Sydney CBD.

Yes we can! This is our CeremonyCast Gold package.

Receptions work differently to wedding ceremonies. At your ceremony, everything happens within a focused time frame in the same location, so it’s easy to live stream. We begin the stream shortly before it’s due to begin to capture guest arrivals, and finish a few minutes after the ceremony wraps up.

Receptions unfold over several hours and have extended periods between formalities where not much happens. Therefore our focus at your reception is live streaming what many see as the most important part – the speeches. Traditional wedding videography only includes short extracts from the speeches; our webcast service captures every word.

To give your online guests a more engaging and focused viewing experience, we start streaming just before the first speech and finish once the final speech has concluded. This avoids lengthy periods of inactivity during an extended meal service. Feedback and experience tells us that watching people wandering around or eating a meal for several hours is pretty dull!

It’s also important to note that unlike a wedding videography team who can move around with their cameras, the practicalities of our streaming setup mean we are in a fixed position. This restricts what formalities we are able to webcast; for example sometimes the dance floor is in an adjacent room so we’re not able to show anything that happens there. (If you’re a drunken Dad dancer, maybe that’s for the best?!)

So while other formalities are best captured by your photography and videography teams, we’ll work with you to identify any other possibilities once we have your reception run sheet. For example, if you’re cutting your cake in the same window as the speeches, we can webcast that too. Every reception plan is slightly different.

And just like the ceremony, you can download and keep the reception video!

The standard setup our professional producers use is two cameras, which offer an ample variety of different shots. The cameras are mounted on tripods and are constantly readjusted between different directions, wide shots and close-ups to track and capture all the elements of your ceremony. We set up our streaming desk in a position where we have a good view but still out of the way, so we can film as unobtrusively as possible. We vision mix your ceremony live, cutting between the shots. It’s just like watching a TV program.

The exception is our CeremonyCast Bronze budget package for weddings which uses a single camera.

Clear and clean audio is absolutely a key part of our webcasts. We understand how vital it is to be able to hear everything and everyone.

We use pro-grade wireless microphones, placed in the best positions to capture every word. We also give your Priest or Celebrant their own lapel mic to wear.

Or we can also use a direct audio feed from your venue or Celebrant’s PA to ensure good quality sound.

We have two cameras which we set up on tripods in a fixed position next to our control table. We don’t move or roam around (we are tethered by cables) but we can still get plenty of various angles and views by pointing the cameras in different directions and using the zooms.

Sydney Observatory Hill Wedding Webcast CeremonyCast Live Streaming

We choose a spot where we’re out of the way but can still see everything clearly. We’re usually off to the side or towards the back, depending on what space there is.

Our crew is just one person. We are solo operators, managing all aspects of your ceremony webcast ourselves. This fits with our approach of keeping everything easy, simple and straightforward.

More than just wedding webcasts

CeremonyCast can live stream all kinds of events. We also webcast funerals – click here for more details.

We have also webcast school graduations, panel discussions and company presentations.

So simply tell us what you need and we can tailor our service to your exact requirements.

Get in touch on the contact form below!

Get in touch with CeremonyCast

Email us below or call 0425 765787 / 02 8325 1723

Please note we are not able to offer technical assistance to webcast viewers and for privacy reasons, we do not give out webcast details. Please contact the couple direct.

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