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Fun in Funerals

    Goodbyes aren’t always completely sad and sombre. How about doing dress up for your eulogy or dancing to a favourite song at the graveside? Here are some ways CeremonyCast has seen people putting the fun in funerals during our live streams.

    Super specs

    Woman wearing comedy glasses while giving eulogy
    Fun in funerals – giving a eulogy in superb spectacles

    What do you picture in your mind when you think about funerals? Perhaps it’s people dressed top to toe in black, a heavy and sombre atmosphere, and a fear of saying or doing the wrong thing?

    Without a doubt, that’s a common thought and perhaps even a stereotype. However, you might be surprised to hear that certainly isn’t the case for most modern funerals. Saying goodbye by reflecting and celebrating someone’s life involves all emotions, including laughter and smiles.

    Neil’s friends and family definitely wanted his farewell to be celebratory and less formal. In fact, the invitation asked guests to put “fun into the FUNeral.” So that’s exactly what they did, by coming in a variety of dress-up clothes or adding amusing touches to their outfits. Although this isn’t for everyone, it was exactly the way everyone wanted Neil’s ceremony to be. It was a true reflection of his personality and spirit, which made it hugely appropriate for his final party. Every little touch that personalises someone’s funeral ceremony makes a big difference.

    Goodbye grooving

    Mourner dancing to a song played at a graveside ceremony - fun in funerals
    Fun in funerals – dancing by a grave

    We’ve all heard the saying about “dancing on someone’s grave“. But what about dancing BY someone’s grave? Changing ON to BY makes a massive difference. That’s what happened at Dave’s burial ceremony. Sounds shocking? It was actually anything but and felt very much part of the moment. When a favourite song, “The Boys Are Back In Town” blasted out, it reminded everyone of all the fun times they had shared with that song as the soundtrack. So some impromptu graveside grooving broke out as a way of paying tribute and celebrating someone who was the life and soul of the party.

    Pamela’s popcorn

    A popcorn machine making popcorn at a cinema before a memorial - fun in funerals
    Pre-show popcorn for The Pamela Show

    Pamela loved the movies. So when her family came to planning the best way to celebrate her life, they decided a cinema was the perfect place for her memorial.

    Firstly, as guests arrived, they were given special tickets to “The Pamela Show” which was showing on the big screen. Popcorn and choc tops were on hand as everyone gathered. And before a special film of Pamela’s life was shown, featuring lots of family photos, tributes, videos and music, three members of the family introduced the special show with some loving words.

    And it was no surprise to hear that when the lights came back up, the whole cinema erupted in loud and enthusiastic applause in tribute to a wonderful woman. What a great example of putting fun into funerals!

    “Working with CeremonyCast on this most important ‘production’ allowed my heart to relax. It was clear they had really thought a lot about how it would all come together. They captured our family and friends arriving, getting their tickets, gathering in the foyer and then settling in with their choc tops and popcorn to watch the ‘Pamela Show’.”


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