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Webcast Wedding Etiquette

    You’ve been invited to a wedding you’d dearly love to attend but you just can’t make it. What’s the modern wedding etiquette when asking about a wedding live stream? Here’s why it’s perfectly OK to say “I do” to watching a wedding online.

    Modern wedding etiquette and live streaming

    A couple standing together on a red carpet during their wedding ceremony in Sydney
    A wedding live stream from Gunners Barracks in Sydney

    Modern wedding etiquette deems it totally acceptable to watch a wedding online if you are unable to attend in person. Many couples are opting to live stream their weddings or make recordings of the ceremony available online for friends and family members who are unable to attend in person due to distance or other commitments.

    Wedding live streaming is the perfect way to make sure nobody misses out. Including friends and family in a wedding is important. They are often important people in the lives of the couple getting married. They may have played a role in the couple’s relationship, or they may be important people who will continue to be a part of the couple’s lives in the future. Additionally, having friends and family involved in the wedding can make the day feel more personal and special for the couple and for the guests. It can also help create a sense of community and shared joy around the couple’s union.

    Including all guests near and far

    CeremonyCast live streamed Frances and Desiree’s wedding from Gunners Barracks in Sydney. Their friends and family were overjoyed to participate from afar and left happy messages in the online guest book.

    “Our warmest congratulations on this very special occasion for you- your beautiful wedding day.
    We would have loved to be there to celebrate with you – but we are so grateful to be able to take part on-line from Denmark.”

    Tina and Ole

    If you have been invited to attend the wedding in person but are unable to do so, it is polite to let the couple know and to offer your best wishes when you say you’ll be watching the live stream instead. If they have yet to organise a live stream, why not suggest they do so?

    Technology can bring people closer together in a variety of ways. Video and live streaming can be used to bring people together, even when they are physically separated by distance. This provides a sense of shared presence and togetherness, even when people are not in the same physical location.

    Use a professional for best results

    There are many benefits to booking professional live streaming for your wedding. Here are a few things to consider:

    Live streaming can allow people who are unable to attend the wedding in person to still participate and feel included in the celebration.

    It provides a way for distant friends and family to watch the wedding in real time, rather than waiting for a video or photos to be shared later.

    Streaming is a good way to document the wedding for those who are unable to attend.

    The set up requires specialised equipment and a reliable internet connection. It can also be unpredictable and may not work as smoothly as you hope, so it’s best to bring in the professionals!

    Overall, technology is able to bridge physical distance, fostering communication, and connection, and enabling people to be together in ways that were previously impossible.

    CeremonyCast has a live stream service to suit, whatever the size or shape of your wedding. Chat to us for more details!

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